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An Exclusive Interview With Dj Pdogg @djpdogg #dj #ReachRecords

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Dj Pdogg
An Exclusive Interview With Dj Pdogg

 Fusemix.com got a chance Interview Dj Pdogg, the host of Rhythm and Praise Party as well the one Dj's For Reach Records.

Fusemix: What inspired you to become who you are today?

Dj Pdogg:I have always loved music and radio. Growing up I would listen to CCM radio on Saturdays because the music was more of my taste. I would listen to artist like Carman, DC Talk, Newsboys and so on. As a teen I would by gospel cd's and would record the hottest tracks onto a tape. I would pass the tapes out to kids in church. I guess as time progressed I just fell in love with it even more.

FM: Who inspired you?

DP: I remember as a kid watching my dad do his radio program. He would go into the room with his tape recorder and do his voiceovers. I also remember my first tape recorder and playing with it as a kid. Sometimes he would take me in the radio station with him and I remember times just looking around like "wow" lol. it was amazing to me. Back in 2002 i begin working with 2 guys who had a Christian hip hop show on a local station in my home town of Durham, Nc and they literally took me under their wings and trained me on how to hold down a music formatted show. I can also say i was inspired by other local radio dj's. 

FM: What steps did you take to get to where you are?

DP: Loaded question lol. I think after all the inspiration over the years my chance to finally get it in on my own came when i went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. I sometimes say that without Liberty University there would be no Dj Pdogg. I started my radio show there as well as my carrier as a tour Dj. My first semester there a group called the "Soar Dunk Team" which was one of the groups that recruited for the school wanted a dj. I was the only one to show up for the tryout and i got the gig. Now here is the twist, i had never touched a turntable and i didn't even own a set. So i used my tuition money to buy my first pair of tables and in exchange the school gave me a scholarship. So that was the start of my carrier as a tour Dj and i have been on the road since. After my time was done with Soar i would go on to tour with one of my best friends Humble Tip who also started his carrier at Liberty. During my second year at Liberty I started my radio show "The Rhythm and Praise Party". It was and still is a hot show lol. I won 2 NRB awards (National Religious Broadcasters) and was able to use my show to spread the gospel through music. It took hard work, patience, and perseverance to get where I am now.  

FM: When did you decide that this is what you wanted to do with your life?

DP: I knew before college this is what I would be doing. Things just kinda lined up. The Lord was up to something and I am glad I followed his plan. 

FM: What did you want to be as a child?

DP: I wanted to be a lot of things lol. I wanted to be a fireman, basketball player, tv producer, computer genius, actor. I wanted to be a lot of things. 

FM: Did you ever think that you would get this far/ be able to accomplish this?

DP: Not at all. I look back at last year alone. I was able to travel a lot which included visiting 9 countries. I remember being in Australia last year looking out of the window of the hotel and just saying out loud "how did I get here". Its crazy and exciting at the same time because I have no clue on where I will end up next.  

FM: What keeps inspiring you to go a step further and do what you do?

DP: The Gospel. I see what I am doing and I understand that I am carrying a message that people both Christian and non-Christians need to hear and that is the Gospel.  

FM: What was your 1st gig and how did it go

DP: 1st gig ever was at a school in Washington D.C. with the Soar team. I remember being so amped about it. All I kept thinking during the trip there was "I am going to melt faces". Of course the exact opposite happened lol. About 5min into the show for some strange odd reason the speakers just stopped working. They had power but they just stopped. I think God was trying to teach me a lesson that what i do is not about bringing glory to myself but to put Jesus on display. Crazy thing is i didn't learn my lesson. the very next week i had the same attitude and I wasn't able to perform at all. After that I got the message. Or did I....... 

FM: what about the most "stressful gig"

DP: During the Unashamed Tour Africa we went to one of the spots and the sound was so bad. We had to stop the show several times just to get it to ok status. Crazy thing is the people didn't care they rocked with us through the horrible sound. But that was the most stressful all around from sound to the travel issues getting in and out of that particular venue.  

FM: What Genre do you play?

DP: I play hip hop and rhythm and gospel (i hate saying christian hip hop or holy hip hop sorry) 

FM: Vinyl vs Mp3 and why?

DP: i use vinyl control for my serato and use mp3 lol. We just dont have content on straight vinyl 

FM: Traktor Scratch VS Serato Scratch which do you prefer and why

DP: im a Serato guy. I never used Traktor so its hard for me to compare. But serato works good for me. 

FM: What gear do you use ?


FM: How did get to be a dj for Reach Records

DP: I met Lecrae back in 2005 when he came to Liberty University to do a concert. He came in to my morning show and we kicked it for a good portion of the day. Side note and Im not saying this just because I work with him but Lecrae is one of the humblest dudes I know real talk. Throughout the entire time i have known this dude he has been the same. AnywayI would see him at various shows and dj'd for him on a few occasions if i was at the event. During the "Altered Minds Tour" we met up again at Liberty University and he told me they were in need of more dj's and he said they would hit me up. I took it with a grain of salt but they hit me up like 2 weeks later and i did a weekend of that tour with them, been rocking with them every since.   

FM: What’s  “The Rhythm and Praise Party “?

DP: The Rhythm and Praise Party is a show that I created that plays the best in hip hop and rhythm and gospel. 

FM:  If given an opportunity which dj would you love to work with and why?

DP: Believe it or not I would love to rock a show with Dj Official. I remember going to Cross Movement shows just to see what fish was gonna do. I would go home and try to re-create what he did. Crazy that I have been working with Reach for this long and it has not happened yet. i think he is one of the most creative dj's in our genre. one day though.  

FM: What are you top 5 Spins

DP: Tough one. in no particular order

FM: If we were you access your ipod what random songs would we find

DP: A ton of Commissioned thats my all time fav group I have all of their albums.
  • Lots of Reach Records and CMR music and pretty much anyone in that cirlcle
  • Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 im a huge fan of their work
  •  I love Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin.
  • Beyonce i think she is an incredible artist
  • Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott
  • I got tons of music ranging from the 60's to the present.


FM: As a Dj to you think the art of djing is getting fading away with new tools and software that do everything a dj can do? 

 DP: I think people have lost sight of the art of the dj. I think most people think we just press play and the reality of it is a lot of us do just press play. The real dj's get gigs though and i think about guys like Jazzy Jeff, Dj Qbert, Dj Promote, Dj Morph and Dj Wade O these dudes be killin it. Unfortunately in the Christian world i feel that they dont really know what to do with us. With that said im on a new adventure bringing back the art of the dj. So I have a hype man and a drummer that I now rock with when i do solo shows. 

FM: You know we had to ask this, EVERY Dj has pet peeve which ones are yours?

DP: every dj hates getting request during a live event so that one is a given lol. 
I hate getting drive by tweets and fb wall post asking me to check out an artist music. I can count on on hand and possibly 3 fingers on how many of those i checked out and they were actually decent. I hate getting messages that say "check out the new era of CHH" lol i really did get that message like 2 weeks ago and the music was the worse. Also I hate it when people get offended if i dont reply to a tweet. people don't understand sometimes that i have a life and i get tons of tweets. 

FM: What are 5 reasons why you will not Play artists "xyz's" Music

1) bad production
2) lyrics
3) lack of creativity
4) poor mix
5)  concept
Those are my main 5
FM: What are your plans for the future?

DP: Continue dj'n and touring for now. I am also very involved with serving my church and community and will be working with a new church plant in East Durham, Nc 

FM: What advice do you have for upcoming (1) Djs and (2) Artists?

DP: Know God called you to do what you are doing. Work hard at perfecting your craft and then work some more. Do things in community and have people that will be open and honest about your work. Be open to criticism. Make sure whatever you are doing is on mission. As Christians we are to make much of Jesus so lets do that through our music and lifestyles.   


FM: Has there been a moment as during your dj career that you were like”it had to be God” ?

DP: Working with Reach and seeing how far my radio show has gone. It is now being heard all over the nation and in over 90 countries. Crazy  

FM: How can people connect with you?

DP: Best way to get at me is through my website www.djpdogg.com there i have all my facebook, twitter stuff as well as my podcast and free mixes that i create.