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Scratchlive.net Retires | Fusemix.com

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For years now, Serato has maintained two websites with exactly the same content and layout, with only slight differences in style. After a great six year run, Scratchlive.net is retiring from service and Serato will be redirecting all traffic to Serato.com.

The changes come out of a desire to not confuse new customers with two websites, and instead direct all Serato customers to one place. All existing Scratchlive.net links will be redirected to the corresponding content on Serato.com.

Also, maintaining a single website will allow Serato to make new web features faster, which helps to maintain, and even improve our customer service.

Rane and Serato will continue their drive to make Scratch Live the best solution for Professional DJs. Both companies feel that it will be much simpler for everyone with one place to go for information.