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Featured Artist - True Witness

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Canadian American Recording Artist, True Witness is a New York based band. Their positive contemporary musical style is a blend of acoustic and electric rock n’ roll that identifies with all age ranges. Their passion is to offer thought provoking songs that describe life’s struggles, and present clear, simple solutions of hope with an encouraging positive message in tough times. Their distinctive rock sound offers an alternative of strength, faith and hope to everyone living through the struggles and challenges of each day.
True Witness originated as an acoustic band in 2002 with Tom Bowen, Tim and Dan Adams. They collaborated with published poet and lyricist, Christine Bowen, and the band proceeded to develop their unique original musical compositions, eclectic styled arrangements, and inspirational vocals. The journey began in Florida but in 2003, True Witness enhanced their focus and depth of music by moving to the Hudson Valley region of New York to perform throughout the Northeast and New England.

On December 16, 2007, True Witness released their first acoustic CD album, “Origins”. Soon after, on March 30, 2008, the band released their progressive, Americana rock second CD album, “Once In Time”, and also launched their “Love Is Enough” tour ’08, a 10 state tour spanning over 7 months, with 60 plus dates.

Their “(Love)² On High” tour ’09 began March, 2009 and continued through December, 2009 with over 50 plus dates throughout 11 states and Washington DC. Amongst the multi date tour, True Witness performed at premiere venues like The SoulFest 2009, Kingsfest ’09, Cherry Blossom Festival 2009, Utica Music Fest ’09, and Rocket Town in Nashville, Tennessee. They were recognized as a Notable Winner in New York City’s premiere MEANY festival.  

Throughout their tour experiences, the band became very diversified, performing in coffee houses, bars, clubs, Performing Arts Centers as well as large outdoor venues and festivals.

Beginning February 2010, the band launched their third Tour series, “You Can’t Silence the Lamb” and as of June, 2010, True Witness signed with Canadian American Records, Ltd, Ursula Music / BMI. The “Once In Time” CD was re-mastered for radio and has been released Nationally and Internationally. "How Love Lit The Full Moon" and “On High” are featured radio releases.

The band published and released their first Music Video, "How Love Lit The Full Moon", on February 2, 2009 and also produced a 20 week comical video webisode series called "The Adventures of Mik Smada" based upon their popular song and first music video, "How Love Lit The Full Moon".

"Their positive message is certainly appreciated in this time of crisis all over the world.
The music speaks for itself" - SKOPE Magazine A2W (March, 2009)

True Witness music reaches out to all people, everywhere. The music of True Witness reflects life, truth, hope, and love. On October 2, 2010, True Witness will be releasing their third CD album “Send Me.”

Tim Adams
Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Piano

Dan Adams
Background Vocals, Bass

Tom Bowen
Background Vocals, Lead Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Cameron D. Watson
Drums, Percussion

Chris Bowen
Lyrics, Percussion, Clarinet

Heather Adams

Kim Adams



The “Origins” CD is an acoustic inspirational album about overcoming and rising above the obstacles of loneliness and loss of hope.

Released March 2008.

The “Once In Time” CD provides 14 powerful songs describing life’s challenges and needs. The songs bring out strong emotions and thoughts while offering solutions through hope, faith and love.

Webisodes Released September 2008
A comical 20 week webisode video series based upon the band's first music video for the song: "How Love Lit The Full Moon" from the "Once In Time" CD.

Released February 2, 2009

Canadian American Records, Ltd.
Ursula Music / BMI

Website:  www.truewitness.com


Tim Adams:
lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitar, piano

Dan Adams:
bass guitar, background vocal

Tom Bowen:
lead acoustic and electric guitar, background vocal

Cameron Watson:
drums and percussion

Heather Adams:

Kim Adams:
flute, keyboards

Chris Bowen:
percussion, clarinet