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Free Christmas Songs Honor Military Men and Women

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., The Christmas Rush is on to "get the word out" to our soldiers worldwide that there are free Christmas Gifts for them. A musical tribute of two patriotic Christmas songs to honor and encourage our military personnel are free to listen or download at RedWhiteandBlueChristmas.com, and a free CD is also being offered.

It all began last Christmas when singer/songwriter Dr. Pat M. Boone wrote and produced a jazz song entitled "A Christmas Letter From Your Family." The "letter" was from a wife to her military husband who was away from home during the Christmas Holidays. Then female soldiers, who make up 20 percent of our United States Armed Forces, emailed Dr. Boone that they wanted "their" version of the song. To accommodate their request, Boone produced the Christmas 2008 Edition of "A Christmas Letter From Your Family" to honor our female soldiers, a "letter" from a mother to her daughter.

Here are some suggestions to help the public get these free songs to support our troops:

*Download the song at RedWhiteandBlueChristmas.com

*Ask your favorite radio station to honor our troops by playing the CD

*Include the website RedWhiteandBlueChristmas.com on your website, in your newsletters, or anywhere else that you think might be appropriate

You can also get more information about Boone's work by going to DrPatBoone.com.