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Fusemix Interview's Mpax The Producer @mpaxmusic

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Fusemix got a chance to interview Mpax a Christian Producer from Houston, TX. Mpax has producer music for artists like Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, 4Trinity and many more.

Fusemix:To begin with, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Mpax and I the founder and co-owner of Rekcity.com and I am also a music producer

Fusemix: How did you end up in this field?

 Mpax: Started all in 2002 with the desire to produce music. I was always a musicians since a kid. I have been playing the saxophone since the age of 15

FM: Who are some of artists you’ve worked with ?mpax2

MX: I have worked with artist like Lil Prophet, Saylah, C-Straight, tracks that featured Kdrama, Dmaub, Michelle Bonilla  Rhema Soul, 4 Trinity, Young Joshua. I have some big projects coming out in the future that I am not allowed at the moment to disclose but God has been a huge blessing

FM:  What is the musical style you find the nearest to yours? Which artist(s) inspires you?

MX: Musically it all varies but in contemporary (saxophonist, it has to be Kenny G) in Hip Hop genre it has to be various artist but the main ones would be all of Reach Records and other labels in the genre. Producers that inspire me are J.R. Street Symphony and Dj Official.

 FM: What kind of hardware & software do you use?

MX: I use Reason 6, Logic, FL 10, Maschine & Recycle 2.0 Hardware: I use an Akai MPK 49, Mac, and Mixer

FM: Do you remember the first time you produced?

MX: Yes it was using FL 4 in 03 and the beat was WACK!!!

FM: You have produced for a lot of artists, which date is your best musical memory?

MX: I can defintely say that the best of my music is yet to be shown but every year I know I have grown, by far this would be my best year

FM: Do you have any plans for the future you would like to tell us about?

MX: Well the only plans we have is being able to travel a lot more. I will be going to different venues through out the United States.

FM: What advice do you have to upcoming producers and indie artists?

MX: Producer wise: The best advice I can give is "practice makes perfect" I know that's a cliche but it's so true. You can never go wrong by perfecting your craft. You need to always keep up to date to all the sound coming out the media stream but also find your own sound. Invest in your equipment and sound. If you have a regular 8-5 and you produce on the side, make sure to put all the money that comes in to your production and put it back to your craft. A lot of people do not stewart their ministry correctly. Make sure to invest all the money back in equipment, travels or anything that will expand your ministry. If you are doing this full time then I would just suggest to invest what you can but support your family is the most important. So if you are doing ministry, you can do both. Artist wise: If you are just starting off, make sure that you are getting quality (Musically and Visually) A lot of artist do not know how important quality is a must. Make sure to always perfect the craft.  

FM: Being a Christian Producer, can you tell us how Being a Christian has impacted your life as an individual and producer?

MX: By far it has kept me grounded. Being a believer in Christ is the most beautiful thing but it defintely will cost you your life. Producing has always been one of my passions but also being a believer in Christ is also my passion. When you put both of them together you will NEVER go wrong.


FM: Can you tell us about RECKCITY?  

MX: Rekcity is a website that we provide media services for and its a ministry that God has allowed us to grow in the genre. In this world, there are many strong holds that interfere with us from entering the presence of God. Our hearts and desires at Rekcity is to disrupt and bring down into ruins all that stand in the way of God being lifted on high. We submit our lives to Christ so that He may cause an act of demolition in all areas in our lives that aren't pleasing to him so that we may be used effectively in the aid of helping and assisting other encounter his presence. Rekcity is more than a ministry, business transitions, and quality productions, but it's a way of life


FM: Last but not the least... Anything to add ?

MX: Wanna give a shout out to my family, a shout out to my co-owner of www.Rekcity.com  and friend Frank Cage. Shout out to my church Power and Joy and youth Real Encounter Youth. Thank you Dj Fuse for this interview. God bless you all

Fm: You are welcome, we love you & what you are doing; its an honor. Thank You again and God Bless You..

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