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Catching Up with Brandon Bee

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Fusemix: From the GMA's fast forward Fall, what have you been up to?
Brandon Bee: It was a crazy summer. I was almost on tour 3 weeks out each month. Playing mostly western side of the states. Working on my craft and finding my vision and God's vision on my life.

Fusemix: I remember seeing some comments about Italy on your Facebook. How was the trip?
Brandon Bee: Italy was amazing. Actually, I went back in May. I was with about 12 other worship leaders and artists. We did a couple worship conferences and concerts. That trip was mostly to encourage the hard working missionaries, Italian pastors, and worshipers. During one of the days, we went and played on the street. The Chief of Police came to shut us down. We convinced them somehow to let us play a few more songs. It touched his heart and the Mayor(Cassoria, a suburb of
Napoli) heard about it and invited us back in Sept to play a Festival. Through that day, God used us to open a serious door. In Sept, I brought a band to Napoli and played that festival alongside Bob Kilpatrick. It was an amazing opportunity. We played a few churches in Rome as well.

Fusemix: I like the new CD. It has a lot of smooth and melodious songs. Tell us all about it?
Brandon Bee: Well honestly, I really just wanted to make a record that I would like as well. Musically and melodically, I wanted people of all ages, Christians, and non Christians to connect. I didn't want to be judged to quickly. That's why I started with the most musically appealing songs up front. Lyrically, I wanted Jesus to shine through. It's a record about spiritual journey and warfare, all leading to straight to Jesus.

Fusemix:Tell us about a breath taking or funny moment during the recording process that made you speechless ?
Brandon Bee: Yes. On the last song, "Even the Enemy Believes," there are some piano hits. They have just tons of reverb and compression.  I just love those hits. I still wish we would have had them loader in the mix, but I really trusted the mixer, Todd Robbins. His ears are like Hawks and besides, mine were tired. I had been producing the record for a few months before.

Fusemix: How did you come up with the title?
Brandon Bee: Actually, the title was originally "Armored Savior." A feeling of safety and protection. That is not what I wanted the record to say.  I wanted it to say, "Get up, and get ready to fight for Love! He is the truth and the way to him is getting foggy by our own selfishness and cluttered by earthly distractions!" Hence, "This is the Revolution!"

Fusemix: Any favorite songs on the Cd and why?
Brandon Bee: The Less of Us, is my favorite. Every time I sing the melody the memory of writing it comes back, Deja Vu! That's a good thing. Our best memories are triggered my songs and melody. The lyrics are what got me through a phase of my life. It doesn't matter if your around Christians or non Christians, the devil always finds his way in to relationships. When we are hurt by someone, we have to let go and give it up to God. He can deal with their heart. Just forgive and love.

Fusemix: Any guest artists?
Brandon Bee: I co wrote with a couple of great writers who happen to be other artists. Scott Krippayne, a nationally known songwriter and friend. Also, a christian touring artist at one point as well.

Fusemix: "Even the Enemy Believes" , "Fly Like a Bird" , "ThisMoment" and "I Do not Deserve it". Tell us about the songs?
Brandon Bee: "Even the Enemy Believes" is a complex song. :) But basically, it's about a man who was an Icon in his town. He dies and the grave is this beautiful white washed stone, many flowers. The people remember the man as being so great that they forget what the man stood for. Inthe end the man was a great christian man and it was God that made him who he was. His hope is that his legacy is, he loved like Jesus and lived like Jesus. That man is you and me. Any christian man and women needs to remember who the god of there life is, Jesus. Don't put so much time and hype in to making yourself look good. Do what matters!

-"Fly like a Bird." My wife has always been very supportive of my music adventures. I never know where I'm gonna be, on tour, in the studio, out of country, but she is so patient. I was really thinking about it one time and was observing that on the days she had time to  read the bible she was peaceful and patient. But on the days that she missed out on that time, it was a rough day. That's what the song says.

-"Brandon Bee: " is a simple love song. I wrote it in the car after leading worship almost 6 years ago. Ironically, I was skipping out on the message the pastor was teaching. I was in the car trying to write a song and all i could sing were these lyrics. "Your love is showing me that every moment should be time I spend with you." So as I was skipping out on a moment I could learn about him, I was in a car writing about how I should spend every moment with him. Laughing Convicting.

-"I do not deserve" The title says it all. I do not deserve the grace He has given, although he still has a place for me by his side. A very comforting and celebratory worship song.

Fusemix: You’re a really busy person, worship leader, Producer, Songwriter, Artist. How do you manage to do all this not to mention that sometimes you're on the road to?
Brandon Bee: I am a horrible time manager. :) I have a great wife and a great label team that helps me out with that. I actually have a studio engineer/assistant, but he has many times played the role of life/time manager. I need the help. I am actually really praying for the right Manager or management team.

Fusemix: What a typical day, let’s say, Thursday for Brandon bee?

Brandon Bee: Thursday, huh? If I am not on tour this is how my schedule looks like. I wake up at 7:30 a.m. with my family. Get breakfast going and make lunches for my kids. I try to help out when I'm home. I would hang out with my wife and toddlers til 11:30am ish. I would most likely work in the studio from noon to 6ish. That night I could be hitting the road for a weekend run of Fri. night, Sat night, Sunday morning and Sunday night! That's a pretty normal Thursday.

Fusemix: How often are you on twitter and facebook?
Brandon Bee: I am on it every few hours. That's a great thing about having an iPhone.  :) I love encouraging people and also getting encouraged by people. Keep em comin! :) @producerbee on twitter and brandonbee on facebook.

Fusemix: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Brandon Bee: That's a tough question. I will be a parent of a college bound kid. But I am positive I will be using my gifts for God somehow. I have high hopes for my career but as soon as I feel like God has something else then I will go. I have a hard time believing that God wants me to do anything else at this point. Maybe settle down as a steady worship leader. We will see.

Fusemix: As an Artist, Songwriter, Producer and a record label owner, what advice would you give any upcoming Christian indie artist?
Brandon Bee: Really seek God's direction. Don't skip out on your prayer time. Doing this for a living really has to be a call on your life. God will give you creative and new ways to do your ministry/career. Keep making music. God can use anything even if it hasn't hit the radios or in movies. Trust me. :)

Fusemix: Where can we purchase your music?
Brandon Bee: iTunes is a great place, on www.savethecityrecords.com, and also in select Christian bookstores in a lot of areas. If you know a local Calvary Chapel, you can for sure get it or order it from there in-church bookstore.

Fusemix: Anything else you would like to share with our readers ?
Brandon Bee: You are all very special to me. I am excited to share these next years with you. Hopefully, my songs will challenge you and be uplifting, but most of all, take you to a place where you can seek God. Worship him with all your heart. Feel free to contact me on facebook or twitter.

Thanks for buying the cd and listening to my music. Laughing