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Catching Up With Benjamin - "S.K.R.I.P.T."

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Fusemix: Last time we talked was during the gma week, so tell us what you've been up to?
Benjamin: I had a great time hanging out with you guys! I am bummed that sometimes we only get to see our ministry friends once a year at GMA. I have been wrapping up this record, touring and helping my wife Shara with our two little boys, Phoenix (2 years 7 months) and Greyson (7 months).

Fusemix: It’s Finally Here S.K.R.I.P.T.  love it , love it , love it, Tell us  more about the New Project S.K.R.I.P.T. ?
Benjamin: Thanks for the kind words! This record really speaks my heart. My last Album, Activat,e was a compilation of songs I wrote over years, while S.K.R.I.P.T. I wrote over a season in my life. you really get a window into my life as a Christian, an evangelist, and a Human Being in this record. I requested that I be able to write the story of each song in the artwork since they were in fact so personal, and being the amazing label that they are, Save The City Records said, "absolutely!!"

Fusemix: One Question I’ve been meaning to ask you is, what or whom inspired you to get involved with Christian music because your projects are more than passion?
Benjamin: In 1989 (uh oh dating myself) I went to a concert that changed my life. I saw the "on fire" tour with Petra. I knew I wanted to be involved in Christian music at that point, but later when I saw a little group called "DC Talk" (you may have heard of them..) it cemented my decision. I just ached for the ability to share my passion, relationship and pursuit of Christ in that form of ministry. Both those bands really displayed to me a blueprint for sharing your faith in a very obvious way, but doing it to the highest standard musically and otherwise.

Fusemix: For those who don't know S.K.R.I.P.T. means could you please give them the heads up?
Benjamin: It is a acronym for "Spreading Kingdom Realities In Perilous Times" and I don't think the timing for that theme could have been better. We live in times more perilous than we have seen in quite a while.

Fusemix: I would define your style on the project as rap/rock fusion, but the more I listen I feel that it's universal.  What do you consider your style ?
Benjamin: I didn't want to make a record that had a "you can or you can't" rule book to it artistically. I wanted to make songs that sounded like they should sound when I came at the producers with the demos and ideas. I love so many different types of music there was no way I was going to narrow it down to one sound. I would call what I do "Organic Hip-Hop"

Fusemix: S.K.R.I.P.T. (Johnny 5 Mix)" love the track,  tell us more about it?
Benjamin: One of my favs on the record! This song makes you smile and bob your head. After the record was wrapped I called Derek Hoeim(label owner) and said I always wanted to do a re-mix song on a record and asked what he thought about re-mixing s.k.r.i.p.t. As usual Bro was on my side and said let's do it! I have a friend named DJ Siah out of Eugene, Oregon that KILLS re-mixes and he did this one in a day or so. The track right before it is really heavy content wise (fourhundredeleven) and I wanted to end the album in a exciting way, so we put it right at the end.

Fusemix: What about "Anx"  and " Our Spot"
Benjamin: Glad you asked!! ANX is the a compilation of true stories of my battle with Anxiety out on the road. Every lyric in there describing an event is a true story!!! I won't ruin the fun, but go listen to it and it will map out to you what goes on in my head when I'm stressin' and then how God brings me back down. Our Spot is also about the road, but it is more of a free for all jam describing what we wanna do when were there. I like to say that when were at your town for one night, in one place, at that moment it is "our spot" to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation before we move on to the next place to do it all over again.

Fusemix: What’s your favorite song on the cd and why?
Benjamin: "Back Home".. because it describes a hardship event that happened to me personally and then it describes an event that my problems don't even hold a candle to. That song has so much of my heart and faith tied into it I have problems performing it live because I almost lose my composure every time. And not just because of my struggles either, I just can really visualize what happened to my savior and the fact that he did what he did for me on that cross.

Fusemix: How was it working will your Producer Brandon Bee ?
Benjamin: Brandon and me work together very well and very quickly. I live about 200 miles from the studio and was commuting to record just about every week, so we had to make the most of our time. Bro works very efficient when were together and he listens to your ideas and makes a great end result! He also has the skinniest shoes a man has ever wore. but don't tell him I said anything.

Fusemix: Going Back 2000 years, if you were to be bible character tell us who you would be and why?
Benjamin: I would have to say Apostle Paul. He helped the early church to get their identity and focused on keeping them in the way. He traveled a bunch and never presented a gray area when it came to the words of Christ.

Fusemix: What’s a typical day let’s say Tuesday for Benjamin?

6:30 a.m.  Phoenix wakes up and starts chanting CHOO CHOO in my ear indicating I need to get up now and turn on his train DVD's

6:35 a.m.  Hello Eggos

8:00 a.m. Hello Bible and talkin' to Jesus

10:00 a.m. Make some calls to venues to see if they need some rappin' in their lives

12:00 noon Call Derek Hoiem and mask my voice as a tele marketer ( it never works), then share my cheetos with Phoenix followed by a "beep beep's chant indicating he now wants his Semi Truck DVD's

1:00 p.m. Take my sweet BMX for a ride

3:00 p.m. Answer e-mails

5:00 p.m. Dinner with my Family

7:00 p.m. Answer more e-mails

8:00 p.m. Put Phoenix and Greyson to bed then check out the bmxmuseum online

9:55 p.m. Talk some more to Jesus

10:00 p.m.  Lights out boss

Fusemix: Where do you see yourself in 7 years?
Benjamin: Evangelizing however God needs me to.

Fusemix: Where can we purchase your music?
Benjamin: Album drops in stores October 6th or online at:





Fusemix: DO you do the twitter // face book // MySpace // blogging // etc??
Benjamin: yesir!

twittwr: @benjimanskript

facebook: benjimanactivate


blog coming soon!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Benjamin: One sentence that covers it all: God is real and he loves YOU

Fusemix: If you like, would you leave us with one of your most meaningful excerpts from one of your lyrical flows and why it means so much to you?
Benjamin: "we begin and we end with many stones in between, but the journey isn't lost and this pathway is my dream"

From the song "stones" and it speaks of continually walking in Faith when it comes to your pursuit of Ministry and your pursuit of God period.


Thanks guys!!!