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Get Help

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This life we live is fast passed and filled with activity.  There seems to always be something to do or something we want to do.  Often you may find yourself unable to accomplish your tasks or you may feel stuck in a creative rut – unable to move forward.  Let me share some insight on what to do about that…GET HELP!

In my coaching practice, most of my clients have a lot going on – they work, have ministries, are business owners, have families and all sorts of things to balance.  Usually I end up putting these people through a one on one hour of power session on time management.  These sessions help them understand not only where there time is going, but we walk through solutions to getting some of their time back and learning how to prioritize the many tasks they need to accomplish.

The most consistent need that comes out of these sessions is that that most people need to GET HELP! If you find that you are often pressed for time or that you are often not working on what most interests you, it’s time to get some help!  

Ask yourself these questions:-         

Is there another way to get this done that will save me time? -     

Is there someone else that can do this task that has the knowledge/expertise/know how?

Time is VALUABLE!  Getting help will allow you to MAXIMIZE your time!  It will give you back precious moments that you once longed for…moments that can be spent doing something else you would rather be doing…or nothing at all!  Some great ways to get help are the following:-      

    *    Hire someone – Really, some things are worth paying for.  Low cost help could be a high school or college student – especially for office tasks such as filing, making phone calls, typing, mailers etc-   Enlist volunteer help – Can you call a friend or relative to help out?

    *    Automate everything you can – Technology is a wonderful thing! – Use an online planner, automated billing, whatever works for you – just remember to use your tools wisely…don’t be a slave to them.

    *  Shop Online – most online stores offer free shipping these days, take advantage of shopping online and receiving delivery to your door!  Don’t forget about ordering groceries online…it’s worth the small delivery fee and you’ll save money by not having all of the “extras” in your cart!One of my favorite mantras is “Work smarter not harder”. 

Getting help allows me to do just that and it can help you too.Kimberly Horvath is a certified Human Resources Professional and a life/career coach. 

For more information about her programs or to hire her as your coach contact her directly at (609) 254-4761 or send an e-mail to maximizeme@kimberlyhorvath.com   For details on upcoming teleclasses, check out her website at www.kimberlyhorvath.com