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Set Your Standard Higher by Ashley Moss

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 Ashley Moss Internet

Good or bad, what happens when our online presence starts to resemble a signature style instead of our true selves?

I spend most on my working day on the Internet, and it’s one of the coolest mission fields to be on; you don’t even have to leave your room. But at least once a week I start to wonder...

Am I selling God out online?

It’s a simple question, really. After all, we can be and say and do whatever we want, online. In our sea of social media, truth and perspective are often in the eye of the beholder. And, that’s the problem, right there, isn’t it?

C’mon. You know what I mean.

We want to be intellectual so we begin to creatively redefine lust and greed as passions, natural reactions and symbols of freedom and independence.

We want to be relevant so we choose our battles: we tweet inspiration and positivity because that’s what the people want to see and hear, but quietly we flirt, respond to crude humor and quietly regard disrespect, profanity and other inappropriate behavior as artistic expression and personal ‘enjoyment’.

Or, we go against all of those things, but perhaps more because we’re anticipating the reactions, comments,‘likes’, and retweets we’ll receive..the response,than the actual impact of standing up to a culture that shrugs and silently prods it’s members to just ‘Do You’.

Often all in tweets and status updates of a couple hundred characters...or less.

I’m not saying to shun everything that doesn’t scream Jesus; As Paul writes in the book of Corinthians, what’s ok for one person may not be ok for another (1 Corinthians 10:23). Study your Bible and pray for clarification.

I have to constantly remind myself that the King could care less how ‘cool’ I appear online; there’s not one person on earth who’s opinion and perspective matters more than His. When we focus on the opinions of others, it’s God we offend, not man.

People are watching our lives. What we choose to stand for, on and off the timeline,will make all the difference. At the end of the day God is searching for the heart that will stop treating Him like a trending topic and more like the only voice that matters.

And what a privilege that is, setting the higher standard for our current and next generations of leaders.

Look in the mirror. You may think your timeline is all about you: just a bunch of words, comments, pictures and lyrics, but it’s so much more than that. Use it to accomplish HIS purpose.

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