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Letter To A Single Brother by Ashley Moss @ashleym_moss

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Dear Sir,


I should tell you how much I love your kind. I really do. Your strength, creativity, commitment to getting the job done...not to mention your service to others, sense of style and your all-around good manners are all quite appealing.

But I've got to let you in on a secret.

There's a whole population of women who are busy learning what it means to build others up, and embracing our calling to submission and honor. And, we're waiting for YOU to embrace YOUR calling.

We can't successfully do this in a relationship or a role where men keep blaming mixed signals, playing the field and lack of options on demanding and intimidating females who don't pay attention to them.

We can't do anything about the intimidation. It's not our place, and we can't diminish who we naturally are to make you feel more comfortable.

Disclaimer: This may not apply to all women, but I can honestly say that I'm putting a ton more effort into making sure my spirit exudes peace, love and humility at all times.

Are you interested in a woman? Put on your armor and go after what you want. Approach her with integrity and honor and then COMMAND her attention with your willingness to move beyond your own comfort and feelings of rejection.

NO ONE is forcing you to do anything: Relationships are a CHOICE. Actions are a CHOICE. COMMITMENT... is a CHOICE.

Let's face it. Our generation (me included), on our own...we're terrible at relationships. I'm so glad that God steps in as our middle man, takes our blinders off and points us in the right direction.


Gosh, we’re sensitive...aren’t we? I think it's really important to be upfront and share your feelings. But , we’re good things...I promise.


Ashley M.


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