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What I want parents to know about teens and cutting By Nick Hall @nickhall

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teens cutting parents razor nick hall
The razor blade Jonathan handed over to Nick Hall.



His name was Jonathan; hardly the picture of depression. He looked like a mini-Justin Bieber – complete with stylish threads and a straight brim cap. As we stood at the back of the school assembly, his hands shook as he told me the story of family abuse and broken relationships that led him to cutting. With his sleeves rolled up, I could see his scars were still fresh.

Cutting is a form of self-mutilation, rampant among America's youth. With sharp objects like pencils or razor blades, "cutters" inflict self-harm, commonly on their arms and legs, to evoke an outward pain that gives expression to their inward torment. Often, cutting coincides with suicidal thoughts and is a precursor to ending one’s life.

As Jonathan shared his story, my heart broke – he was full of potential but already beaten down by the world.

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Source: FoxNews.com