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Bethany Michelle Stephens - You Deserve It All

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Artist : Bethany Michelle Stephens

Song :   You Deserve It All

Album : Perfect Love  - Christ For The Nations Music


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While I was a student at Bible college, I was in a morning chapel during an intimate time of worship. During this time of my life, the Lord was really teaching me how to fully give my heart to Him and to trust Him with it.

This was, as for anyone, a very challenging lesson to learn every single day, but it was more intense this particular season of my life. On this morning, I was pouring out my heart to the Lord when the spontaneous words flowed from my mouth ‘You are worth it all’. The phrase had become an anthem to me. I went home from class and wrote it down. I played a chord progression on my guitar and sang a melody that naturally flowed with the lyrics. I added a cheesy verse to it, but couldn’t quite get what I wanted to say out on paper. I knew what was in my heart, but I couldn't seem to scribe it on paper. The start of the song was put on the shelf for a time, but I could not get the words out of my head. The words began to brand my heart.

 I don't think I've ever cared so much over a song, but it was as if I had something to say and it was as if I wasn’t allowed to be said yet. I had no words, I had no melody to continue, and I couldn’t even write a new song. I was stuck. I, then, went on a missions trip and I travelled around a few states of in the U.S. during the summer. When I came home, I remember one day I just sat and wept. I was frustrated and I blandly stared at a picture I had taken of a sunset I had taken a few years back at my parents lake. I’d always wanted to write a song about the skies. I then started thinking about how God’s hand and craft amazed me.

 I was sitting in a morning chapel, once again, and wrote in my journal what my heart was crying out that morning. All day it replayed in my mind. So, I took an excerpt from what I had written and expounded on the feelings of it. I felt it to be true when I pictured Jesus on the cross and out of the things He could be thinking of, I was on His mind.

 The bridge to this song was not supposed to be a keeper. But, I had such an urgency to write anything because I was in the process of learning to release things to God. Especially, the precious things in my heart that meant everything to me. I think I had a Mary Magdalene moment of breaking something within me and giving out what was precious that I withheld inside. I didn’t really like the bridge, I thought it sounded like a completely different song.

 The song for me means so much, still, every time I hear it played or sung or talked about. I still sing it today with the intention to bring my heart back in line with surrender.


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