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Behind the Song - Carried Away -"No Compromise"

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carried away No Compromise

Artist : Carried Away ( Pam & Christine)

Song : No Compromise

Album : No Compromise

Pam: Christine was the one who came to Tyler (former member of Carried Away), and I with this song idea. She started playing what she had already written and I remember immediately loving the whole idea and concept. At that point I didn’t know it would become the center theme of our entire album. It was as we continued writing for the album that we kept coming back to this whole idea of not compromising who we are as followers of Christ. As the song began to take final shape, it not only became foundational to the album, but also foundational within our Christian walk. If we were going to take this song to audiences across North America, we had to truly believe and affirm within our hearts that Christ is our standard and everything we do must align with Him. For me, I was tired of the things this world had to offer, confused by the grey areas people fell into, and wanted to draw a new standard of fully living for God. No Compromise is not just a song on the album, but a theme song for my life. I will not settle or be satisfied with barely avoiding the line of sin, but rather I live to see how close I can get to the arms of Christ.

Christine: I started the idea for the song No Compromise a few years back, well before Tyler was in our ministry. The song kind of sat on the shelf for a couple of years before I ended up playing what verses I had to Pam and Tyler. No Compromise really originated from different conversations that Pam and I were having around that time. The whole idea of seeing how close we can get to the line of sin really stuck out in my head. Why do we do that? I often pondered that question...doesn't it make sense to run away as far from that line of sin and grey area and run into the arms of our heavenly Father instead? So from that I started writing No Compromise. It's about how our standards change here and there and everywhere, but finally we realize what we are doing and how far we have walked away from the Father and His goodness and come back to Him. When we are away from Him we think we will become more free but really it's the opposite. If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!


About Carried Away.

Carried Away formed in the year 2000, marking the beginning of their exciting music career. Since then they have released three albums, with their most recent titled "No Compromise".

The duo has collected several GMA Canada Covenant awards, as well as being nominated for numerous categories. In 2005 they walked away with Song of the Year and Pop Contemporary Album of the Year, and also took home Pop Contemporary Song of the year in 2007.

With tours stretching across North America opening for groups Casting Crowns, Women of Faith, Avalon, Jump 5 and many others; this spiritually centered group wants to go out into the world and challenge themselves and others to come to the point of no compromise.

"No Compromise is really about seeing how far we can get away from the line of sin, and seeing how close we can get to the heart of God," says Pam. "This is the foundation that Carried Away’s third album “No Compromise” is built upon."

"Every song that went on this album is in some way part of our life story. With three different perspectives on life, we were able to collaborate our struggles, our discoveries and our triumphs through the lyrics," reflects Christine.

With all of their success and accomplishments, Carried Away’s drive is to show as many people as possible that living your life for Christ is the greatest journey to ever walk.

Where people find information about us online:

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