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Band Angels Hits One Million Sales Mark in Less than a Year

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(Nashville, TN)--  In less than a year, Band Angels, a new bandage for kids featuring scripture verses, has already hit the one million mark in sales. With initial support from organizations such as MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers) and Association of Christian Schools, Band Angels is now in over 700 stores, including Lifeway Christian stores.  Creators Tim and Tami West never anticipated the response to Band Angels, a product they developed for a very personal purpose.

"Our four-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes," says Tim.  "And she had to be stuck with a needle four times a day.  One weekend when she was staying with us, I was watching Tami put a Dora the Explorer bandage on her and it occurred to me - why are we putting something so trivial on something so serious? We had been praying with her for healing and I thought, what if we put a bandage on her that has a healing scripture on it? It would be a simple way to help teach her about God and the Bible. We then began to brainstorm about how to do it."

Last fall, the Wests presented Band Angels at a MOPS convention and the response was overwhelming.  Orders began pouring in and they struggled to meet the increasing demand.  They began to really see the potential when they attended a regional gift show.

"We had all kinds of stores coming up to us placing orders," says Tami.  "Gift shops, hospital shops, convenience stores, Christian bookstores, floral shops - we even had a jewelry store owner place an order.  Band Angels is really hitting a nerve with people even outside the Christian industry.  Moms and grandmothers are especially excited about the product.  And that makes sense since they are usually the ones using bandages on their kids or grandkids."

Tim and Tami donated hundreds of boxes of Band Angels to Haiti after the earthquake and sent some to an orphanage in Kenya.  They are hoping to partner with various overseas organizations to supply Band Angels to kids in other countries featuring scriptures in their native languages.  Beyond being a successful brand, the Wests see this product as being a very unique ministry tool.

"We understand the power of Scripture and we know it is vitally important for children to learn bible verses as early as possible," says Tim. "Our hope is that Band Angels helps kids learn scripture and, more importantly, open their hearts to God's love."


For more information, visit www.BandAngels.net or http://www.facebook.com/bandangels.
Click to view a short video of Tim and Tami West telling the story of how Band Angels began.