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Enter the 'B. IT. NOTW' Giveaway!

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You are invited to enter the 'B. IT. NOTW' Giveaway!

We have 3 B.IT Packages to give away to B.IT , NOTW and Fusemix supporters on Facebook, and a Special set of autographed drumsticks on Twitter!


The B. IT Package includes:

* Choice of 2 B.IT NOTW t-shirts

* 2 'NOTW' logo stickers

* 1 Set Drum sticks


This contest ends Friday October 22nd!

It's quick and easy, just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Become a Fan. (/Like) on FACEBOOK   become_a_fan

Click on "Like" on the top of the page.
You also must "like" B HALEY's and NOTW page to qualify.

 B HALEY  Become a Fan / ( Iike)  LikeButton

NOTW Become a Fan / (Like) LikeButton

Step 2: Invite your friends on Facebook to like the pages as well.

Invite as many friends as possible to increase chances of winning.
Click on "Suggest to Friends" on the left side of the wall page under the profile pic

Step 3: Enter e-mail.
Register your e-mail for the prize drawing! on www.fusemix.com  If you enter a fake email we can't email you if you won. Must complete step 2!

To enter to win the autographed drumsticks on Twitter follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Follow Us!

Follow @therealbhaley @c28  and @fusemix on Twitter.  *** You must be following us to be eligible to win.***

Step 2: Copy. Paste. Tweet.
Copy, paste and tweet this message as much as you would like.
I just entered the @fusemix giveaway to win @therealbhaley and @c28 'BIT - NOTW' Giveaway! Check it out:  http://bit.ly/9ZwlIy

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 Daily
The more you tweet, the better your chance of winning. Once a day maximum please no need to spam your followers :)