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The B Haley and Not Of This World Fusemix Twitter Contest | Fusemix.com

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To enter to win

A  B. IT Tshirt and  autographed drumsticks on Twitter follow these 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Follow Us!


Follow @therealbhaley @c28dotcom  and @fusemix on Twitter.
*** You must be following us to be eligible to win.***

Step 2: Copy. Paste. Tweet.
Copy, paste and tweet this message as much as you would like.
I just entered the @fusemix giveaway to win @therealbhaley and @c28dotcom 'BIT - NOTW' Giveaway! Check it out:  http://bit.ly/9ZwlIy

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 Daily
The more you tweet, the better your chance of winning. Limit to 5 times a day please no need to spam your followers :)