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Kirk Cameron 23 Years Later

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Kirk Cameron 23 Years Later

FULLERTON, Calif., Feb. 2, 2011 -- In 1987 a popular young actor walked into First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton and listened to Pastor Chuck Swindoll share the gospel of salvation. Kirk Cameron recalled, "I sat in the back with my arms folded...I didn't even believe in God." But he came away feeling guilty for his sins, and yet with hope because of the cross. About a month later, the 17 year-old Growing Pains star surrendered his life to Christ.
Now, 23 years later, Kirk Cameron is urging people to go to a special conference at the same church. "It's called 'Transformed' and it will truly transform your Christian life." Kirk will be opening the conference via video, and appearing in a humorous but thought-provoking roll-play, also on video.

Cameron's co-host of the award-winning "The Way of the Master" TV program, Ray Comfort, added, "When we had the conference in Georgia, more than 6,000 people showed up. In Dallas, Texas, there were 5,000. This really is a life-changing and powerful conference, because it expounds biblical truths that are rarely heard these days. People also need to know that in this bad economy they can afford to come -- Transformed is completely free."
www.youtube.com/user/thewayofthemaster#p/u/30/ WTcp0Z7aPnI

Dr. Paige Patterson, President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary said, "If I could only attend one conference this year, this is the one that I would not have the courage to miss! Not for spiritual wimps, this conference will at once leave you shaken, shocked, invigorated, and blessed!" Speakers include Emeal (EZ) Zwayne (VP of Living Waters), Mark Spence (Dean of a 12,000-strong on-line Bible School), Ray Comfort, and TV host Todd Friel.

The conference will be at First Evangelical Free Church, 2801 Brea Blvd; Fullerton, CA, Saturday February 19th from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. To register please go to transformed@livingwaters.com.