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Brandon Scott Smith Goes ‘Out on a Limb' with ‘Party Like a Rockstar' Co-Writer Billy Hume

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Brandon Scott Smith Goes ‘Out on a Limb' with ‘Party Like a Rockstar' Co-Writer Billy Hume
‘Modern Day Prodigal' available exclusively at iTunes and other digital outlets


Brandon Scott Smith Goes ‘Out on a Limb' with ‘Party Like a Rockstar' Co-Writer Billy HumeAtlanta-based singer-songwriter Brandon Scott Smith will release his debut album, Modern Day Prodigal, on February 24th. The 7-song EP, featuring the single "Out on a Limb," is a digital exclusive, available through iTunes and other major online outlets.

"We love Brandon Scott Smith's debut single," says KCBI's music director John Eddy Alaniz. "We went 'out on a limb' here in Dallas!" The sentiment is also shared by Rodney Baylous at WOLC (Salisbury, MD) who states: "Not only do we love it in the office, but our listeners are responding that they love it too!"

Modern Day Prodigal was recorded at Zone Studios in Atlanta, with producer Billy Hume at the helm. Hume is widely credited with making Atlanta one of the recording industry's top hot spots, and he was recently thrust into the spotlight with the massive Shop Boyz hit “Party Like a Rockstar.” Hume co-wrote and mixed the major radio hit, which also includes his signature rock guitar sounds. His other production credits include such top-selling acts as Will Smith, Ludacris, Nelly, Lil' Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Flickerstick and many others.


“I've had a lot of people ask me, 'why a secular rap producer,'" says Smith. "I wanted someone outside of the box who could take my wide variety of styles and musical tastes and hone it down to a sound that would have an impact on secular as well as Christian markets. I want to go out into the world and let people know that I have what they are searching for."

The songs on Modern Day Prodigal were heavily influenced by Smith's heart for the lost. “When I started writing the songs for this project, my goal was to take my personal experiences with God, family and life in general and try to communicate them in such a way that others can relate,” explains Smith. “These songs take an intimate look into my personal journey as a true modern day prodigal, overcoming addictions and the desire for fame and fortune, only to realize that Jesus Christ is the only source for true peace, love, purpose and contentment.”

In addition to his budding music career, Smith is a father of four, who also leads worship with his wife throughout the Atlanta area. He serves on the board of inJesus Global Missions (

www.inJesusGlobalMissions.org), a Georgia-based organization that supports orphans, widows and pastors throughout Africa. A portion of the proceeds from Smith's project will go towards supporting the organization's work in Kenya.

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