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DJ Morph & Dro release new “So Electro“ video

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South Florida July 26, 2011 DJMorph & Dro return with a brand new live video for their latest set “So Electro”. Following up from their Integrity worship set, this takes a more upbeat high energy turn, mashing up Electro & Hip Hop while incorporating the DJ/Drummer aspects to the mix.
DJMorph & Dro fans can check out the new video at their new web site WWW.DJMORPHDRO.COM and ‘Like”ing the Facebook page as well. The set is also available as a free download along with the previous “Integrity set”.

“We are super excited to see where God is taking us creatively on this endeavor and we are looking forward to sharing our live performance with as many fans as possible.” - DJ Morph & Dro

This new video comes at a perfect time as DJMorph & Dro’s “Integrity set” has received a great response, they are currently on the road & planning new projects for the near future.

In this creative music video you will hear:
Sister Fleeta Mitchell “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down”
Je’kob “The Tippy”
G Notes “Techo City”
G Notes “Electro”
Group 1 Crew “Manipulation”
Lecrae ”Don’t Waste Your Life“
KJ52 “End Of My Rope”

Both the Integrity set & So Electro set MP3's are available for  FREE download at: http://soundcloud.com/djmorphdro


About DJMorph & Dro

This is a DJ/Drummer concept that is a pioneering movement for the Christian music market. DJ Morph (Ramiro Morales) and Dro (Pedro LaTorre) have spent years on the road in collaboration with various Christian artists. This experience has given them a creative edge that is evident upon listening or viewing their work. Their high-energy performance has proven to quickly grab the attention of any size audience. Filled with a dynamic combination of rhythms and creative song blending people of all ages will unite under one banner of worship. This performance has easily bridged the gap between the churched and unchurched, the saved and unsaved. The primary focus is to take great worship music and giving it a highly

interactive “spin.”

DJ Morph and Dro have the ability to be an opening, transitional, or headlining element to any venue, adjusting their show quickly to maximize crowd participation. Their creativity has moved them into producing one of a kind ‘mixtapes,’ which is a hand-picked compilation consisting of exclusive tracks, remixes and guest appearances. The focus of this concept is to inspire this generation and impact all demographics for Christ via music and culture.