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Eric “eFUSION” Kampel, Former Cross Movement Records Exec, Launches Artist Services Company for Urban Christian Music:

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eFUSION Music and Artist Consulting

August 2, 2011 (Oakland, CA) Bringing 10 years of music industry experience, including A&R Administration for 20 albums at Cross Movement Records and a B.A. Degree in Urban Music Management from San Francisco State University, industry veteran Eric “eFUSION” Kampel has launched new company eFUSION Music and Artist Consulting. In an effort to help independent artists and record labels gain traction in the Urban Christian music arena, eFUSION develops the core business components behind the artists’ music through consulting, artist and project development, marketing/public relations, and administrative services.

Artists commonly face challenges, such as understanding the music business, knowing the trends and changes in the industry, dealing with administrative issues, getting and staying organized, preparing flawless album booklet content and song credits, writing professional bios and news releases, and having connections to complete or market a project. eFUSION bridges the gap between business issues and the artist. Helping artists become entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence, establish income, and sustain success in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, eFUSION Music and Artist Consulting is raising the bar in the Urban Christian music and ministry scene.

Kampel’s varied experience as an Entrepreneur, Artist and Educator also includes: producing the nationally-broadcast Christian music video television show “The Zone,” serving as an Executive Producer of the Grammy-nominated album “The Dash” on Cross Movement Records, promoting concerts in Philadelphia, Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area, representing artists, as well as teaching music industry workshops, facilitating community forums, producing audio and video projects, and DJing events. Working with urban youth has been a focus and love where Kampel has invested countless hours combining his talents with his passion.

Not only a consultant, Kampel’s business experience plays out in his role as an artist in his own right: eFUSION.  He continues to make music under the eFUSION moniker via his production company SOULJIERS Productions.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric “eFUSION” Kampel is an Entrepreneur (President of eFUSION Music and Artist Consulting & of SOULJIERS Productions), Artist (Gospel Rap artist & DJ), and Educator (Teacher, Speaker & Youth Mentor).  For more information about eFUSION Music and Artist Consulting, please visit: http://www.efusion1.com,