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Icon_For_Hire_-_ScriptediTunes Discovery Download, MySpace Music Streaming the Entire Album,J-14 Hot Band Alert and more!

SEATTLE, Wa –August 23, 2011-Tooth & Nail Records is proud to release the debut from fiercely fronted female band Icon For Hire today.  The heavy alternative rock/modern pop trio releases, Scripted, with a buzz surrounding the debut.  With this release, the band has nabbed the attention from iTunes, MySpace, Guitarworld, J-14 and more.

During this entire street week, Icon For Hire’s debut single, “Make A Move,” is the iTunes Discovery Download of the week.  Fans can download the FREE single plus the entire album for $6.99 here. This week the band was tagged as a “Hot New Band” by teen publication J-14.  You can view the Q&A with the band here. Also the entire album is being streamed on the homepage of MySpace Music here as well as fans can also Tweet for a Track and stream the entire album this week.

Leading up to the release day, Icon For Hire premiered their music video for the powerhouse single, “Make A Move,” at Guitarworld online as well as spoke with NewReleaseTusday.com for their weekly podcast. The media also love the debut Scripted:

“An epic album has been Scripted”
-NewReleaseTuesday, 4.5 star review

“Icon For Hire’s overall production of this debut album proves to be one of quality and continuity, with each song fluidly transitioning into the edgy pop sounds of the next.”
– Hopecore.com

“Scripted is a strong debut that stands on its own and demands our respect.”
– TheChristianManifesto.com

More about Icon For Hire:
Since 2007, the band has been establishing their strong following by touring extensively across the Mid-West.  From the beginning, the band has written music with a positive view without downplaying the hardships in life, which is a vision the label understands and supports.  Icon For Hire is composed of front-woman Ariel, guitarist Shawn Jump and drummer Adam Kronshagen.

“We’re a really tight knit group of friends and we put a lot of care into what we’re putting out there for people,” sums up Ariel. “We’re not the kind of people who want to hang out in the green room all day. We get out there to talk to our fans for hours before and after the show and we try to infuse a hopeful element in what we do and say."

For more information on Icon For Hire, visit: www.facebook.com/iconforhireofficial and follow the band on Twitter @iconforhire