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Charles Billingsley Celebrates 20 Years Of Music Ministry, Releases 'Never Forsaken' In 2012

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Nashville, Tenn - 15 September 2011 -   2012 is a career milestone for worship leader and performer Charles Billingsley as he celebrates his 20th year in music ministry and prepares to release his new studio project, Never Forsaken. It's been eight years since his last solo CD released, and now, Billingsley is more than ready to share some new songs - and some recreations - with his new project releasing January 2012.

 Never Forsaken, a unique collection of songs, ranges from recreations (Simon and Garfunkel's “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to Phil Collins' “Another Day in Paradise”) to intimate autobiographical tracks (“Baby I Blinked”) to truth-telling songs such as the title track as well as “God So Loved the World.” And make note, Billingsley is certainly not holding back on delivering an album that contains a variety of music styles: “It’s time to do a record for my generation,” Billingsley says.


Never Forsaken was inspired after a family missions trip to Guatemala, where they joined up with the humanitarian organization Causelife. During their visit, as they journeyed through numerous villages in dire need of fresh water, Billingsley’s inspiration deepened to help build wells across third world countries, while it also grew the inspiration for his new project, especially for its title track.


“The song ‘Never Forsaken’ is for those people in the world who are hungry, lost, afraid, malnourished, thirsty, who cry out every day for something called hope,” he shares. “They won’t hear this album. This record is for the people who will hear it to do something about it.”


Billingsley will be promoting new songs from Never Forsaken, with upcoming appearances in Chicago, Dallas, and other select cities. Stay tuned to CharlesBillingsley.com for more information.




When he was 22 years old, the day after his college graduation Charles Billingsley packed up his red two-door Ford Explorer, attached a little trailer behind it and headed to a church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to perform his first professional concert. Now 3,000 concerts later, 17 years of marriage, two children, 25 music projects, and a career spanning two decades, Billingsley has ministered to hundreds of thousands through his gift of song.


In addition to his roles as worship leader at Thomas Road and his involvement in the worship department at Liberty University, Billingsley has also taken on Red Tie Music, a music publishing company, and several small businesses on the side. Billingsley still makes time to minister to an average of 100,000 people each year by leading worship at conferences all over the country.



Never Forsaken Song listing:

1.  Hope Is On The Way

2.  Never Forsaken

3.  No Me Without You

4.  God So Loved The World

5.  Give Away Today

6.  Another Day In Paradise

7.  Use Me

8.  Strength Of My Soul

9.  Baby, I Blinked

10. Light That Shines

11. God Amazing

12. Why My Heart Sings

13. Bridge Over Troubled Water