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New CD From Founding Member of Messianic Trio, Israel's Hope, Releases Today
Marc Chopinsky's Israel's Hope

Nashville, Tenn. (Oct. 4, 2011) - Galilee of the Nations announces today's release of the first solo project from Marc Chopinsky, formerly of the Messianic music trio Israel's Hope. Titled Israel's Hope, the album features 14 Messianic praise and worship songs, including "Baruch Atah Adonai," "Come to Me" and "Yes and Amen," all recorded in Israel, where Chopinsky and his family now live.
Israel's Hope showcases Chopinsky's soothing vocals and signature acoustic guitar rhythms that have been heard around the world on the internationally-acclaimed albums from the land of Israel — Adonai, Elohim and Son of David — as well as all the Israel's Hope albums.

Chopinsky was a founding member of Israel's Hope, along with Rene Bloch and internationally-renowned worship leader Paul Wilbur. The group is credited as being one of the pioneers of Messianic praise and worship music. As a primary songwriter for the trio of Israel's Hope, Chopinsky wrote many of the group's recorded songs, such as "Come, Let Us Go Up," "He Shall Reign" and "O Give Thanks."

"I met Marc in the Land of Israel in 1997. His beautiful acoustic guitar tone and organic Messianic rhythms caught my attention when I invited him to play on Adonai: The Power of Worship From the Land of Israel, released in 1998 for the first Year of Jubilee in Israel in 2000 years. We talked about a solo record in 2000 during the recording of Elohim: Experience Worship From the Heart of Israel. Well, I'm happy to announce that Marc finally did it after 11 years! And I might add, it was well worth the wait as the Israel's Hope CD takes you on a journey back to ancient times in Jerusalem, to worship Yeshua (Jesus), the Holy One of Israel," says Yochanan Ben Yehuda, founder and president of Galilee of the Nations Music.

Chopinsky's Israel's Hope CD is released by Galilee of the Nations Music and distributed by Provident Distribution. It also is available for purchase and download via iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster, Rhapsody, CDBaby and other online digital music stores. Today's release of Israel's Hope coincides with the ancient biblical Feast of the Tabernacles, celebrated this month.

For more information on Israel's Hope, visit galileeofthenations.com.