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Christian TV Show Continues Questions for Cash Contest

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DENTON, Texas,  -- In an age and in an economy where most Christian ministries are constantly asking for financial support, it's refreshing to see one that's actually giving money away. In a recent interview, Founder, Writer and TV show host Darrel Rundus stated, "No one won the money last week so we are tacking on another hundred dollars and raising the prize to $400.00 this week."

He also restated a comment from a previous interview saying, "God loves a cheerful giver and it's better to give than to receive. So we thought instead of asking others for money we should use this show to be a blessing to others both financially and spiritually."

Rundus is known for giving money away. In 2009, he gave away $20,000.00 to the first person he called who could list all Ten Commandments in order and do it in 20-seconds or less. See the 10-minute video of the call with the winner here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=92csX9iNl-k. According to their Facebook page, the "Questions for Cash" contest works something like this. Every Friday morning, Prayer Stop posts 5-simple, easy to answer questions about the previous night's episode on their Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/PrayerStop) that can only be answered if you watched the show as it airs. The first person to e-mail them at contactus@prayerstop.org with all the correct answers to all five questions wins the $400.00 award.

The TV show airs every Thursday night at 7:30 EST / 6:30 CST on The NRB Network (Direct TV Channel 378 & Sky Angel 126). One highlight of each week's show is what they call the Prayer Stop Power Tool ( www.youtube.com/user/PrayerStop?feature=mhee) where Rundus gives the audience quick tips and tools to help them be more effective in their outreach efforts. The weekly drama of Joe's Journey is also a nice added touch to the show. According to their website (www.prayerstop.org), this Thursday's show is the second part of an episode called The Complete Christian.