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Singer/Songwriter Featured In Fear Not Tomorrow

Dallas, Texas (Nov. 18, 2011) - Singer/songwriter Julie Elias recently was selected as a soloist in the new musical, Fear Not Tomorrow, based on the best-selling book by Ruth Graham. Elias is featured in the musical as it tours to select venues and on the soundtrack CD.


"Fear Not Tomorrow is something I will never forget. It was my professional debut and I was blessed to have a wonderful experience with the project, truly setting a standard for things to come," Elias says.

Elias sings two songs during the musical: "Peace," which she performs with a 250-voice a cappella choir; and "Undone," the song that follows Graham's testimony during the show, an especially touching song for Elias, she says.

"We all have those seasons of feeling 'Undone' where we are completely out of control and at our most vulnerable," Elias says. "But in those places where there are no other answers, we find the Lord's comfort and assurance. I have felt that way many times. That song resonated with so many people, and the biggest blessing to me was to have total strangers share personal stories about how that song touched their hearts."

The musical is based on Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There, the book Billy Graham's daughter wrote to detail her own voyage of discovering the tremendous assurance of trusting in God as ultimate caretaker.

Photo Caption: Photo 1 - Julie Elias performs in Fear Not Tomorrow. Photo 2 (L to R) - Elias' record producer Robert White Johnson, Ruth Graham and Elias.

About Julie Elias:
Elias' career spanned various facets of the arts — from leading worship to musical theater — before the singer/songwriter fully embraced her calling to become a recording artist. Though she's wholeheartedly committed to help listeners tap into their God-ordained purpose, she didn't arrive at her current calling overnight. In fact, her performance path looked completely different just two years ago when the Nevada native found herself in Hollywood pursuing work in film and television.

"I studied musical theater in college and there's something fascinating — and downright fun — about immersing yourself in a character. To participate in the preparation and rehearsal that goes into a performance is hugely enjoyable and gratifying. Making the move to Hollywood to pursue work in film and television seemed like a great way to make something I was passionate about into a career," says Elias.

After making the networking rounds in Hollywood, Elias was well on her way to becoming an up-and-coming actress thanks to various extra roles on Grey's Anatomy (where she was a regular for two seasons), CSI: New York, Bones, Flash Forward, Community, Parks and Recreation, Weeds and Dexter. She also appeared in several films as an extra, including Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr., and Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

A Christmas trip to her hometown in 2010 caused Elias to reexamine her career options. She performed in her home church's praise and worship band, as well as singing in some local concerts.

"It took a seemingly routine Christmas concert that year for me to realize what I've been called to do. In fact, Christmas of that year was the most clear-cut, obvious message I've ever received from God, period! It was as if He said 'I am spelling it out for you, in bold caps: pay attention,'" Elias says.

At the beginning of 2011, Elias began making regular pilgrimages to Nashville to collaborate with Music City's top songwriters and producers. The trips resulted in her national debut CD, set to release in the first quarter of 2012, which features ten fresh tunes that chronicle her journey thus far.

As Elias gears up to make her mark on the modern day music scene with her engaging songwriting style and fresh pop/rock sound — influenced by Amy Grant, Natalie Merchant, Carrie Underwood and Sheryl Crow — she's committed to spreading faith-affirming messages that are just as uplifting to believers as they are inspiring to seekers.

"We are all constantly on a spiritual journey and mine is chronicled by music. I've always believed you can hear words, but you can feel music," Elias says. "What is a relationship with God without feeling His presence through your entire being? Sometimes songs can touch you in a way that words cannot."

For more information about Elias, visit www.julieeliasmusic.com