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New Book Encourages the Church to Pray for Our Muslim Neighbors.

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In Allah They Trust New BOOK


IN ALLAH THEY TRUST Seeks to Not Only Educate but to Inspire Compassion to Share the Gospel.

Tulsa, OK – With a refreshing spirit to inspire as well as educate, Kamran Karimi has boldly penned a breakthrough book that studies how the church should to respond to the growing influence of Islam in America. IN ALLAH THEY TRUST: Understanding the Spirit Behind Islam and How to Stop its Advance On America, Our Freedom and The Church (Harrison House, available November 29, 2011) not only helps Christians understand the teaching of Islam, it challenges the church to re-examine its commitment to love and care for the people who are trapped by Islam’s false doctrines.

Karimi believes that too often pastors don’t know how to engage, or are afraid to engage, a Muslim in a faith conversation. This fear and ignorance magnifies the issues and keeps the church from doing the essential thing that we are called to do: Preach the Gospel to all nations. First and foremost, Muslims are people, and we need to have a compassion for all people who are lost.

“My heart burns with a desire to bring awareness to the Church in the West, especially in America, about the advance of Islam,” explains author Karimi. “It is on my heart to rally the Church because I firmly believe that the Church is the answer to Islam and to every issue this world is facing.”

With wisdom and clarity, Karimi insightfully defines and thoughtfully offers biblically sound solutions to the advancement of Islam, and puts forth a call to action. He gives encouraging answers while promoting a love and compassion for Muslims worldwide. Karimi demonstrates that Muslims are held captive by the Spirit of Islam and need the genuine love of God to liberate them from the chains of tyranny. It is vital that we understand that we are not wrestling with Muslims, but we are wrestling against a force named Islam which has come to destroy the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ.

Karimi also believes it is important to understand how Islam is aiming to destroy religious freedom. This is proven throughout history and can be seen currently in Europe. “If we look at Muslims as people and Islam as a political force, we can easily understand how to love our neighbors, while challenging the political implications of Islam’s teachings.”

Born in Tehran, Iran to a Muslim family, Karimi moved to America in 1978 just before the revolution. In 1991, he converted to Christianity and has dedicated his life to communicating the Gospel, in both the English and Farsi-speaking world.

“The Voice of Freedom,” Karimi’s satellite and Internet broadcast, is the exclusive expression of faith that is sent daily into the airwaves of Iran. His broadcast in Farsi has an average daily viewership potential of 30 million people in the Middle East.

“Muslims are people first. I pray that with IN ALLAH THEY TRUST the church will have a better understanding of not just Islam as a religion, but how to better engage in prayer for these people who have been deceived by this powerful religion. I hope we can stop demonizing this community and instead create a genuine love and compassion for their salvation and redemption.”

IN ALLAH THE TRUST: Uncovering The Spirit Behind Islam, and How to Stop Its Advance on America, our Freedom and the Church. Releasing November 29, 2011 through Harrison House Publishers.


Kamran Karimi is the producer of “The Voice of Freedom” TV broadcast. Through the show, he communicates a relevant and authentic message of freedom in Christ to the Middle-East; specifically targeting Farsi speaking audiences. Daily, he reaches out to a potential viewing audience of 105 million Farsi speaking Muslims throughout the world. He conducts Leadership Summits in the Middle-East, training and equipping the young generation of emerging Iranian leaders. By developing and leading relevant house churches called “Freedom Connection Communities”, he and his team are re-shaping the present and future mind molders of the culture and society in Iran. Kamran also leads the Pray For Muslims National Awakening Tours, where he is equipping the Church with the knowledge of how to stop the advance of Islam and how to liberate Muslims across the country and throughout the world. Kamran is a husband, father, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and international television host. He is a sought out speaker, who cooperates in the supernatural abilities of Jesus Christ. He speaks regularly in churches, leadership and mission conferences, marriage conferences, men’s and youth conferences, as well as business organizations. www.GlobalExploits.org


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