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An Interview with C28.COM - Not Of This World Christian Clothing | Fusemix.com

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Not Of This World c28 com

C28 is a Christian retail store chain, offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores. The Christian clothing, music, jewelry and accessories reflect a clean and positive Christian lifestyle. C28 stands for Colossians 2:8, Not Of This World (NOTW), and all about Jesus!

To Learn more about C28.com we got a chance to interview the Founder Aurelio F. Barreto III and the C28 Team

Tell us about your clothing line, What was your motivation to get this off the ground? How has the line developed since it first launched? Do you undertake all of the work yourself? When did you know that, this is what God had call you to do ? 

The motivation was from the Lord.  After Aurelio became a Christian at the age of 37, he was already a millionaire and achieved all the success and material things he had dreamed of.  But he still had no peace and no joy.  After receiving the Lord, Aurelio, being the astute businessman he is, wanted to use his gifting and resources to stay in the business world, so he started praying about what the Lord would have him do next.  The vision came after he had stumbled upon a small Christian head shop in Victorville, CA.

The owners used the merchandise in their store to minister to customers.  Aurelio wanted to do the same thing but on a bigger scale and to reach the teens at the mall.  After much prayer and research, Aurelio forged ahead and opened the first C28 Store in Tyler Mall, Riverside in 2001.  The vision and mission is to reach kids in the mall with cool, trendy clothes that have positive messages that promote modesty and faith.  All employees at the store encourage, pray for and witness to customers done in a comfortable and caring manner.  Many customers who hear the gospel or get prayed for at C28 Stores probably do not even attend church, so this is why Aurelio chose the mall.

Under Aurelio’s leadership, the NOTW brand and grew from just being in C28 Stores to a wholesale division in 2005 and it still continues to grow.  We sell all over the U.S. but internationally as well.  The NOTW logo is licensed and carried in the automotive section of WalMart stores.

guys EdgyGrunge2 MAIN

All work pertaining to C28 Store support, C28.com and all wholesale design and production is done from our corporate office located in Corona, CA.  We have full support staff in human resources, accounting, design, production, buying, web support, wholesale, tech support, marketing and warehouse operations.

 Is there a meaning behind the name  C28 and NOTW and what’s the difference? C28 stands for Colossians 2:8 “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ”.  Aurelio wanted to use his gifts and resources for the Lord after he became a Christian and the Lord gave him the vision to start a clothing store catering to youth in malls.  Aurelio wanted a catchy name that tied Scripture and a friend of his came up with C28 which is short for Colossians 2:8.  This verse spoke to Aurelio because he had already tasted everything the world had to offer but knew it gave no true joy in a person’s life.  NOTW is related to C28 because it was the name for the clothing brand that C28 Store would carry.  This idea was from his wife Peggy who said the Colossians 2:8 encapsulates the idea that Christians are to be in this world, but not of it.  Therefore, Not Of This World (NOTW) Christian Clothing was born.

 WhyTreeSpecialBLK-Eikon MAIN 300What have been your most successful designs? Why do you think that is? 

“Why Tree” has been our most successful design in terms of units sold and evangelical tool used to share Christ.  The design is such a bold statement of Christ’s death paired with one word:  “WHY?”  It is such a great conversation starter plus the back of the shirt contains the full gospel in Scripture.

 How has social media and networking impacted upon the way in which you work, brand and promote yourself today?  
Social media has opened up so many new doors for us.  It is unreal what you can do at the click of a button.  From praying to purchasing, you can literally get the word out immediately to 100’s of thousands of people within seconds and it is free.  It has given a place for people to talk about the brand and belong to the community where they can talk about how to use shirts as a ministry tool.  
 What do you think the social networking world online will look like in 2-3 years time? and what would you prefer to see? WOW, the changes in the last 2-3 have been huge.  We never thought we would see the day where MySpace was gone.  Now, we feel that same way with FB.  There is always going to be the next best social media site.  Just finding it and trying to stay ahead of the game as far as developing a presence within that community is where we would like to be!  We have no idea what it is going to look like, but we want to be there.
 What clothing styles & accessories would you recommend from your social media circle of friends?

girls GreatestLoveVNeckBLK MAIN

We really have a wide variety of items at C28.com.  We are home of Not Of This World clothing and that brand is still is our #1 seller.  That style of clothing tends to be more rock inspired, a little bit edgier than the other brands.  Our Truth Soul Armor brand is always gaining a wide audience among believers and non believers.  Truth is action sports inspired, so it has a broader reach which is exciting.  The word TRUTH transcends all, so we love to make those designs bold.  We are really excited about a brand that we just partnered with to bring to C28.com called “Life with Jesus is better”.  They are more “middle America” as far as their style and they have a wide range of accessories which our customers love!!  We have the largest selection of Christian jewelry on the web and that category is continuously growing for us.  Within our jewelry, our purity products out perform everything!
Do you have any grand plans for your brand in the future? Any future ideas and exclusives you can share with the  Fusemix readers? 
I think in 2012 you will see a lot from NOTW and Truth.  They are both strong brands with huge potential.  While NOTW is the most recognized Christian logo in the world and touted as the Christian fish for this era, there are still so many that don’t know about it.  Our Truth is up and coming and has a tremendous potential for growth!  We have some specific co branded lines that we are working on with some great high profile people in the public eye that we feel will catapult us into areas we have not been before.  We can’t reveal them right now, but you will be the first to know about them when we do!
mens WhyTreeSpecialWHT MAIN 300What’s your personal favorite c28  clothing design & fashion accessory; why?
The #1 selling NOTW shirt of all time is the Why Tree.  This is such a great design because it is an image of a tree and Jesus is hanging on it.  It says on the front, “Why”.  As in, Why did he die for us?  On the back it is loaded with scripture.  This would have to be my favorite of all time because it is our biggest ministry tool and communicates the gospel every so clearly.  
If you were to be a person in the Bible other than Jesus, David & Paul who would it be and why ?
Probably Peter because he was impetuous, but God was always patient and forgiving with Peter and He still anointed Peter with leading the church.  In a lot of ways, Aurelio is like Peter—impetuous and doesn’t always censor what he says, but he loves Jesus so much and will do anything to follow him despite all the mistakes he has and still makes!
And last but not least what are 5 things you can’t go without each day ? Reading the Bible, praying, sleeping, eating and drinking coffee!
 Who are some of the artists & bands featured on the c28 line. 
C28 does not really have a line, it is a store that sells many different brands and is home to NOTW and TRUTH.  Through the years we have had so many bands that we have worked with!!!!  If we were to run down just a couple it would be Manafest, Seventh Day Slumber, Stellar Kart, Dominic Balli, The Katina’s, B. Haley drummer for TobyMac and The DiverseCity and so many more!


Who is your target market? 
Our target market is really split down the middle.  50% of our total sales are for the 14-24 market and the 15-35 market (25% to each of them)
What have been some of the inspiration from for your designs? 
Our inspiration is Jesus.  We find a fashionable way to communicate his message.  We want the people to wear our clothing, so the designs have to be relevant to the style for this day in age.  That way, more will wear them and the message gets out to so many more!
ilmh crew 200What message are you trying to send across with the designs? 
We are almost 100% scripture based through the NOTW line and so that is the message that we are trying to get across.  We just want people to know the Lord and if we can use His word on apparel and people ask questions….then more people will have seeds planted and/or ultimately get saved through that experience.  All because His written word is on apparel!!!  Did you know that the average shirt is read approximately 340 times over the life of the shirt!  That is 340 times that God’s word does not return void!  Powerful!
Do  you have any outreach programs ?
 Outreach is huge for us!  Our biggest outreach is our mall stores.  We have 9 locations and the gospel is preached right there in the middle of the mall.  Through the ministry of C28 in the last 10 years, over 17,000 people have prayed to receive Christ through the ministry….and that is just the ones that we know about!  We also try to do a free outreach concert every year and that has always been a great outreach to the community.  We have had concerts from 3,000-10,000 people in attendance and harvest is always amazing at those concerts!  We also donate 10% of our earnings to 1 of 3 ministry categories.  The customer actually gets to choose where the money from their own purchase goes, so we just love that part of the outreach as well!
What’s the most amazing breath taking thing to ever happend at a c28 store or an outreach event that still amazes you till this day? 
WOW, that is a loaded question.  There are so many to choose from. I think amazing things happen every day.  Our stores are open 7 days a week, so almost every single day someone prays to receive Christ after hearing the gospel in our stores.  It is unbelieveable.  We have had people turn over guns, drug needles, talked people out of suicide and so many other different stories.  God’s grace is amazing and through Him we see breath taking things happen every single day!
Where can  people interested purchase your  gear? 
You can find our NOTW, Truth and several other brands on WWW.C28.COM, at our 9 store locations www.C28.com/locations, and at Christian retailers all over the US!
Do you have any holiday specials ? 
They are different every week, you will have to check WWW.C28.COM for all of our Christmas promo’s.  We have a ton!


Anything else you would love to share with our readers ?
  We would love for you to visit our store.  Christian apparel and accessories are a lifestyle.  We know that you have a choice to shop anywhere you would like, so shopping with C28 means something!  It doesn’t just mean that you are wearing positive clothing…it means that you are wearing clothing that reflects your faith in Jesus and that can change lives everywhere!!!!

Not Of This World C28

About C28.com
C28 is a Christian retail store chain, offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores. The Christian clothing, music, jewelry and accessories reflect a clean and positive Christian lifestyle. C28 stands for Colossians 2:8, Not Of This World (NOTW), and all about Jesus!