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Anchors Silhouettes Nicole

Thousand Oaks, CA very own Nicole Croteau releases her debut album, Anchors and Silhouettes as the third album release of the New Year for Dream Records / Universal Music Christian Group.


 Los Angeles, CA (January 2012) – Starting at a very young age, Nicole Croteau has been singing and performing in front of people throughout her childhood and high school years.  Since then, she has worked her way up in the music world by officially signing with Press Play as lead female vocal and most recently, she has signed on with Dream Records as a solo artist.  “She is a very promising and talented individual that we at Dream are extremely proud to represent and can’t wait for the public to hear the hard work that she has put into this very meaningful album,” explained Dream Records VP Lance Brown.

Born into a musically gifted family, Croteau grew up in a setting where singing and playing instruments were a natural part of their everyday life.  Both of her parents are very well rounded in music and led worship at Foursquare and AOG church's they attendeded in Montana before moving back and becoming involved with New Hope Christian Fellowship in Simi Valley, Calif.  At the same time, her sister Olivia and her brother Tony have been involved in music as well,  including by her side on her newest album, Anchors and Silhouettes.  Tony plays the drums and is already very established as a drummer for "Luke Dowler" who has opened for bands such as "Skillet" and "Fireflight." Olivia is the harmonizing vocals throughout the album.  For Nicole, her family is the biggest support in her musical career pushing her to accomplish her dreams in all of her endeavors.

Before she signed on with Dream records, Nicole helped her parents lead worship in Montana and even sang at the Colgate Country Showdown.  After singing her song “Thirsty Roots,” She went on to come in 4th place out of over 200 contestants her first time attempting this competition.

After Nicole moved back to Westlake Village, Calif., she returned to sing at New Hope Christian Fellowship. Dave Hanley of Press Play asked her to fill in for their band while they went on tour.  Because of her exceptional voice and personality, they got along very well and she signed with Press Play as their lead female vocals.  

For this upcoming year, Press Play has some extraordinary plans including a two week trip to India in January spreading the message of Jesus’ love through the Gospel for Asia program. They will be sponsoring children and families who are unable to support themselves.  They are also preparing a tour across the US next spring, so make sure to keep checking their website for any concerts they will be playing near your area!

While working with Press Play, Nicole signed with Dream Records as a solo artist to express more of her own personal work, which comprises of deep and more evocative love songs to God making up her first solo album called Anchors and Silhouettes. Ever since she wasyoung, she has had a fascination with anchors and coincidentally read in the Bible that Christ stands as an anchor for our souls, that He keeps us grounded and is a foundation for our faith.  Complimenting the word “anchors,” the other part of her title “silhouettes” embodiesthe good and the bad in our lives. Defined as “a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground,” the dark material represents humans in their rebellious nature displayed upon a light background that symbolizes Christ,the hope and the light that we hold on to.

The twelve songs that Croteau has written for Anchors and Silhouettes are birthed from a place of need to cry out to God and come straight from the heart to express her life experiences and emotion inside.  Olivia Croteau comments on her sister and the making of the albumsaying that, “Nicole’s music and lyrics inspire me the most; they’re so true about what she feels and I feel it is hard to find people who write the truth.  She’s my best friend, we get along really well and we know what each other are thinking. This helps with the music. If she wants me to sing about a certain part, she doesn’t need to tell me what to sing. The sibling harmony really kicks in,” and this is certainly evident after listening to the album.

One of the most meaningful songs to Nicole is “Devon,” which is named after a friend of hers.  They had been very close classmates and Devon’s mother was a very encouraging and prominent figure to Nicole and her music.  However, before Nicole had signed on with Dream Records, Devon had tearfully informed her that her mother had passed away from cancer.  This really took a toll on Nicole and inspired her to write this song for Devon as it describes how hard situations like these are to get through.  However, it goes on to say that because of God’s love, it is not the end and there will always be a brighter tomorrow.

With songs like these in Anchors and Silhouettes, Nicole aims to show her listeners that regardless of age, God is always the one you can turn to in times of trouble.

“I want to also reach out specifically to my generation with my music to show them that as they go through a time of searching for something of significance to feel “complete,” they can turn to God for this feeling of being whole even more so.”


As for plans in the future, Nicole will be continuing her individual career and involvement with Press Play with more albums to come.

Anchors and Silhouettes will be available this next year on March 13, 2012 so keep an eye out for her and if you want to keep updated with her musical progress, you can always follow her on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/nicolelcroteau) or Twitter (www.Twitter.com/nicolelcroteau).


For more information visit: www.NicoleCroteau.com and www.DreamMusicGroup.com


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