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Robert Pierre is joining the fight against abortion.

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Robert Pierre starts anti-abortion movement

Robert Pierre is joining the fight against abortion.  His song "Silent Cry" (off his recent album "I'm All In") has inspired the "Hear the Silent Cry" campaign.

This past weekend, he participated in and performed at the March for Life and related events in Washington, D.C. 


Robert was interviewed for this article about the events at cbn Below.


March for Life is the annual protest of the Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion.


The Family Research Council has partnered with Students for Life and Tupos Ministries, an Orlando, Fla.-based Christian ministry organization, to educate audiences on the staggering effects of abortion and inspire Americans of all ages to engage in the discussion of how our society can affirm and protect life. The “Hear the Silent Cry” movement is reaching audiences through a radio and internet campaign that provides information on life issues, corrects common myths about abortion, and encourages audiences to celebrate the inherent dignity of every human life, from conception to death.

As the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision approaches, the effects of the legalization of abortion on America’s youth are staggering, with more than half of the women receiving abortions between the ages of 15 and 24. Women in the same age range account for just 13.5 percent of the population. A new movement calls on audiences across America to hear the silent cry of the victims of abortion and come to their defense.

“Every year in January we set aside time to recognize and reaffirm the Sanctity of Human Life. We do this to honor the more than 50 million babies who have been killed since the Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973, and to continue the work of restoring the culture of life upon which America was founded,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “If we are going to restore the culture of life, holding that all human life is a gift to be treasured, those of us with a voice must speak up.”

National recording artist Robert Pierre, 19, is also lending his voice to the movement, dedicating his song “Silent Cry” to the campaign in the hopes that it will inspire his peers to unite in defense of the unborn and support of women facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. Pierre, a student at the University of Central Florida, leads worship at Harvest Bible Chapel in Orlando, which draws more than 900 attendees each week.

“My generation is being scarred by the abortion epidemic, and it’s time for us to stand up for ourselves and those who cannot defend themselves and realize there is a better way,” said Pierre. “’Silent Cry’ is about taking a minute to stop and take note of the tragic effects abortion can have – not just in terms of lives lost, but the scarring effect abortion can have on mothers who often struggle with their impossible decision in silence.”

“We have a responsibility, regardless of our age, gender, education, social status, church, or any other factor, to stand up in defense of those who cannot defend themselves,” Pierre said. “I’m blessed to have the song be part of the Hear the Silent Cry movement and to help get this important message out.”

Pierre will perform the song at the 2012 Students for Life Conference in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, January 22. On the morning of the March for Life, Monday, January 23, Pierre will perform at a youth rally at Paul VI Catholic High School outside D.C. in Virginia. That afternoon, following the March for Life, he will perform at the Students for Life / Rock for Life Youth Rally in Lower Senate Park near the U.S. Capitol. The sanctity of life events are held annually in remembrance of the more than 50 million babies lost to abortion since the Supreme Court issues its Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade ruling, which made abortion legal. The song is available as a free download at www.hearthesilentcry.org.