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Could Colton Dixon be the Tim Tebow of American Idol? @CDixonAI11 #AmericanIdol

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colton dixon american idol

20 year old Colton Dixon, from Murfreesboro, TN, is no stranger to American Idol.


 Colton tried out with his sister last year and made it all the way to the top 40, where he was cut right at the very last minute and did not make it to the top 24.  This year, however, the story sounds a little different.  The self proclaimed Jesus Freak has just made American Idol’s top 13 with flying colors!  His story is unique, as this year, he was on a different path.  Colton only went to support his sister when trying out again at the Savannah, GA auditions.  The idol judges (J LO, Randy and Steven Tyler) pulled Dixon into his sister’s audition and made him sing again, against his own will almost!  The judges put him and his sister through to Hollywood, leaving Colton looking confused, but excited for the door that God had opened for him once again!!

 The girls are in love with him, the guys think he is cool and EVERYONE loves how outward he is with his faith.  Colton believes that he is simply a Messenger from God, to tell the world about Jesus and he is not shy about it.  He has even named his fans “The Messengers”.  On his FB page as well as his twitter, where he has a combined following of over 55,000 in just two weeks, you can see countless messages directly from him quoting scripture and thanking God!  It is extremely encouraging to see his fans messages as well, talking about how he has strengthened their faith with his boldness!  Not to mention he has caught the attention of fellow Christians Chris Daughtry, of Daughtry,  Mac Powell of Third Day and Hayley From Paramore….just to name a few!


Colton seems to be set apart in this years competition in the fact that he is a singer, songwriter, and piano player.  He just happens to be the only rocker in the group amongst the great guys.  It is clear that God has set him apart from the rest this year to make him shine and that is exactly what Colton is going to do.  Even tweeting and Facebooking on March 4th “For I am not ashamed of the gospel……Romans 1:16”

Could Colton Dixon be the Tim Tebow of American Idol?  That is what is being said all over the media.  Could this be the kid that could take it all and give God the glory every time!

This week Colton performs on Wednesday the 7th and would love your vote….we mean VOTES (vote until your fingers fall off)

Connect with Colton

Fcebook : www.facebook.com/CDixonAI11 

Twitter : www.twitter.com/CDixonAI11

Photo Credit: American Idol

Youtube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAs6BGv5UaQ&