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Charles Billingsley Radio Visits With Rick & Bubba WDJC

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Charles Billingsley Radio Visits With Rick  Bubba WDJC

Charles Billingsley Radio Visits With Rick & Bubba WDJC

Nashville, Tenn - 3 April 2012 - On March 6th, worship leader and performer Charles Billingsley released Never Forsaken, his first solo CD release in eight years. Promoting the project, Billingsley's been on tour all around the U.S. making stops in California, Nevada, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, New York, Georgia and Florida. And just last week while en route from a show in Atlanta heading to Birmingham, he decided to make a visit with the popular radio duo Rick Burgess and Bubba. Billingsley appeared on their morning show, "The Rick & Bubba Show," sharing some fun stories and songs from Never Forsaken. During his stop in Birmingham, Billingsley also stopped by to visit with the wonderful folks at WDJC. Photos from his visits are below.

Rick Burgess, Billingsley, and Bubba

Billingsley on air with WDJC

2012 is a career milestone for worship leader and performer Charles Billingsley as he celebrates his 20th year in music ministry and releases Never Forsaken. He kicked off his Never Forsaken tour in February - for more information and the most updated tour dates, visit CharlesBillingsley.com.
When he was 22 years old, the day after his college graduation Billingsley packed up his red two-door Ford Explorer, attached a little trailer behind it and headed to a church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to perform his first professional concert. Now 3,000 concerts later, 17 years of marriage, two children, 25 music projects, and a career spanning two decades, Billingsley has ministered to hundreds of thousands through his gift of song.
In addition to his roles as worship leader at Thomas Road and his involvement in the worship department at Liberty University, Billingsley has also taken on Red Tie Music, a music publishing company, and several small businesses on the side. He still makes time to minister to an average of 100,000 people each year by leading worship at conferences all over the country. 
Never Forsaken tour dates:
April 12 - Turning Point Rally- Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
April 13-15 - Women of Joy- State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
April 20-21 - Women of Joy- Sevierville Events Center, Sevierville, TN
April 26 - Turning Point Rally- Berry Center, Houston, TX
April 27 - F.B.C. Canton, Canton, GA
May 2 - House of Prayer, Blairsville, GA
May 3 - F.B.C. North Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC
May 4-6 - Women of Joy- Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC
May 6 - Calvary Baptist, Florence, SC 
May 27 - Calvary Baptist, Oshawa, ON