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Worship Together: 25 Canciones De Tus Alabanzas Favoritas Tracklising #musica

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 Worship Together: 25 Canciones De Tus Alabanzas Favoritas 

The two-disc collection—performed in Spanish—presents 25 of the most popular worship songs in churches today, including “Solo Dios Puede Salvar" (Mighty To Save), “Bendito Seas Tú" (Blessed Be Your Name), and “Sólo En Jesús" (In Christ Alone).
Worship Together: 25 Canciones De Tus Alabanzas Song Listing:
Disc 1
01. Solo Dios Puede Salvar [Mighty To Save]                                   
02. Bendito Seas Tú [Blessed Be Your Name]                                   
03. Tu Gracia En Mi [Your Grace Is Enough]                                   
04. Eterno Dios [Everlasting God]                                   
05. Bello Señor [Beautiful One]                                   
06. Hosanna (La Alabanza Elevamos) [Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)]           
07. Tú Eres Mi Rey (Sublime Amor) [You Are My King (Amazing Love)]           
08. Gloria A Dios Por Siempre [Glory To God Forever]                                   
09. Mejor Un Día [Better Is One Day]                                   
10. Vengo A Adorarte [Here I Am To Worship]                                   
11. Hosanna [Hosanna]                                   
12. Cuán Grande Es Dios [How Great Is Our God]                                   
13. Sublime Gracia (Ya No Hay Cadenas) [Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)]                                   

Disc 2
01. Santo Es El Señor [Holy Is The Lord]                                   
02. Dios De La Creación [God Of Wonders]                                   
03. Por Siempre [Forever]                                   
04. No Me Dejarás [You Never Let Go]                                   
05. Desde Mi Interior [From The Inside Out]                                   
06. Cuán Grande Es El [How Great Thou Art]                                   
07. Guíame A La Cruz [Lead Me To The Cross]                                   
08. Canten Al Rey [Sing To The King]                                   
09. El Corazón De La Adoración [The Heart Of Worship]                                   
10. Cristo Mesías [Jesus Messiah]                                   
11. Sólo En Jesús [In Christ Alone]                                   
12. Me Acerco A Ti [The Stand]