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SonicFlood Partners with Mission of Mercy

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“As long as we have a stage we will lift their cries to the ears of our audience," explains Rick Heil, lead singer of SONICFLOOD on their partnership with Mission of Mercy.

"Working with an organization like Mission of Mercy is of utmost importance to SONICFLOOD.  Children in extreme poverty are suffering due to abuse, neglect and malnutrition.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to lead people in worship all over the world through our songs.  Though we sing, we understand if our worship does not translate into action, we are nothing but clanging cymbals (1 Cor 13).  Mission of Mercy is a pivotal part of our concerts where we challenge our audience to have their worship move from words into action through the child sponsorship program. It's an honor to be spokespersons for such a great organization."

To SPONSOR A CHILD go to:http://www.missionofmercy.org

If you are an artist interested in getting involved with Mission of Mercy and becoming an Artist Representative, please contact TJ Rogers at: mailto:tj.rogers@bsaa.biz

Sonicflood Summer Tour 2009
7/12 - Denver, CO
7/12 - Colorado Springs, CO
7/13 - Denver, CO
7/18 - Columbus, OH
7/19 - Washington DC
7/20 - Washington DC
7/24 - Sanford, NC
7/25 - Newport, NC
7/26 - Hickory, NC
7/31- Sandusky, OH
8/2 - Kodak, TN
9/5 - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
9/12 - Fairfield, IL