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Michelle Bonilla Launches Kickstarter Campaingn @michellebonilla

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michelle bonilla kickstarter

Michelle Bonilla is at the starting line for her 3rd album entitled "Freedom."

"Rocking Souls With The Gospel"
June 20, 2012
Thank You For Taking The Next Step of the Journey With Us
Dear Friends and Family,

Michelle Bonilla is at the starting line for her 3rd album entitled "Freedom." She was able to complete the first two with little to no budget, a mic hanging in a closet and the grace of God! This time, she wants to add more quality with live instruments, solid marketing and much more. As we all know, this doesn't come cheap. So we are using Kickstarter.com to generate revenue.

Our Kickstarter Campaign theme is to "Save Michelle from the Industry!" With a comic book feel, we are saying that the industry has entangled Michelle with its financial demands and the only way she can have "Freedom" is if we all work together to raise $50k. We are speaking from the perspective that all of us are working together to free Michelle from the financial demands of the industry so she can put out a message of hope to the masses.

We would be very grateful if you would be willing to do any or all of the following: Give from your heart. Whatever you can do brings us one step closer to the goal. Click the picture below to see Michelle's heart. Funny video: Make a short funny video with your best Oscar-winning performance asking people for help in saving Michelle. You can 'wing it' or email us if you would like us to send you a script. Send an email: Send out our eblast to your contacts, if you want to do this let us know and our designer will work with you to send it out. Tweet tweet tweet: Send out the following tweet as many times as you like: "Save Michelle from the Industry!!! www.rocksoulonline.com June 20th is the Launch Date with 33 days to raise 50,000!
Let's do this together!" Or feel free to make up your own.

Thank you for your support.

God Bless,
Lee Jerkins
RockSoul CEO