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Christian Music Archive Launches New Radio Show - Christian Music Archive Radio, Hosted By Paul Gibson @CCMExchange

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Christian Music Archive, a fan-based website dedicated to documenting the history of Christian music, launched a brand new radio show this week called Christian Music Archive Radio.


The first show debuted on September 3rd, and many stations quickly picked it up including ones based in Georgia, Maine, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin, as well as two Internet stations.

Christian Music Archive Radio is a free daily 90-second radio program featuring music and artists from the past 50 years. Highlighting songs and career milestones from numerous Christian music artists, Christian Music Archive Radio aims to offer its listeners great Christian music and information beyond today’s Top 40.
Paul Gibson is the host of Christian Music Archive Radio. Formerly a DJ at Power FM in Dallas and Power 103 in Abilene, Texas, Gibson brings twelve years of radio experience to the program. He is also the man behind the Christian Rock 20, a weekly syndicated program featuring today's top rock songs.


To listen to Christian Music Archive Radio and hear samples of the show, simply visit ChristianMusicArchive.com/radio and sign up for a free radio account. Once your station has been verified, you will receive a weekly email with links to that week’s shows to download. Please note there are no royalties or fees.
About Christian Music Archive
Founded by Dave Maurer in 1999, Christian Music Archive is a fan-based website dedicated to documenting the history of Christian music. Fans submit the content to the website. Christian Music Archive collects, organizes, preserves and provides access to Christian music’s history. The focus of the site is collecting information on artists and albums from the 1960’s through today.
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