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New Gospel Artist Nneka Best Drops Empowering Single, “My Help”

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Nneka Best Drops Empowering Single My Help

New Gospel Artist Nneka Best Drops Empowering Single, “My Help”

(Philadelphia, PA) - September 11, 2012 - Gospel artist Nneka Best believes that, "My Help", the first single from her upcoming third CD was a spiritual download from God. "I was just walking through the house and these sounds just came to me," recounts Nneka (pronounced Nuh-Nay-kah). "Before I knew it, I was at the keyboard and the song was pouring out of me. I honestly feel like it's not my song; it came straight from Him." The track is an up-tempo, urban-tinged song. Taken from Psalm 121, "My Help" reminds the listener that God is the true source of aid. Produced by renowned producer Donald Robinson, the track features the rap talents of HanSoul and can be heard here: http://bit.ly/RpxPrU.

Nneka Best, a gifted singer who hails from Philadelphia, PA, has had her share of recording opportunities. Her previous projects, Higher Than I and Better Than Life, honed the singer's vocals and songwriting skills. In addition to recording the singer has toured the world, spreading the good news via music. As a member of AGAPE, she's ministered in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. Her talents have opened doors for her in the states as well, giving her an opportunity to perform an original piece at a VaShawn Mitchell concert in 2011. A graduate of Eastern University with a Bachelors of Arts in Music degree, she presently serves as the director of Eastern's Angels of Harmony Gospel Choir as well as the Worship Leader at New Covenant Church of Philadelphia.
Nneka was born with music in her blood. Her grandmother, mother, and aunts formed a singing group and Nneka followed them everywhere. Her father is a musician as well. Her mother was also a choir director and she ended up becoming a member of every choir in the church. "For me, music is all I know," says the singer. "It's the easiest way for me to communicate. I am ALWAYS singing". Her passion for music, however, led her down the path to R&B, but poignant words that were whispered in her ear by her mother never left her: "Nneka, you won't really begin singing until you start singing for the Lord."
Through a prophetic encounter, she realized that the Lord wanted her to sing only for Him and that was the beginning of her gospel recording career. Nneka dropped her debut release, Higher Than I, in 2005. An eclectic release, the project flaunted her neo-soul and CCM stylings. In April 2008, the psalmist released her sophomore CD called Better Than Life, a musical storybook of her life. For more information on Nneka Best, log on to www.obehiproductions.com.