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International Star Owl City's GOOD TIME Event Is a Hit with Hundreds of Youth Groups Across the Country

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Good Time the Owl CityYouth-focused event centered around 2012’s summer anthem, “Good Time"


Free event resources available to youth groups and parachurch ministries

Nashville, Tenn. (September 6, 2012) — “Good Time,” the Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen duet that has become the end-of-summer smash hit at radio and iTunes®, has inspired an event program that is being utilized by hundreds of youth groups across the country during the first months of the new school year.

“When there is a pop-culture happening that every kid in every high school is aware of, that occurrence creates all kinds of opportunities for those who work directly with students,” says Allen Weed, President of interlinc, the organization that has collaborated with Owl City’s management to develop the GOOD TIME Event. “That’s exactly what has happened with the song ‘Good Time.’”

The GOOD TIME Event incorporates short video clips from international pop star Owl City’s Adam Young, along with “how to’s” for indoor and outdoor games, live music, a viewing of the official “Good Time” music video, student stories and a talking points discussion. The materials give youth workers everything needed to host a one- to two-hour event that focuses on what it means to really have a ‘Good Time.’

GOOD TIME Event writer Ken McCoy adds, “For some reason, fall and back-to-school is a time when kids are way more willing to check out new and different programs than any other time of the year. The GOOD TIME Event is a great resource to help youth workers introduce their particular ministry to new students.

“The initial response from youth workers has been really strong,” Weed continues. “We anticipate well over 1000 youth groups will do their own GOOD TIME Event sometime this fall. Many of the top youth organizations are participating through the efforts of The Campus Alliance.”

Chuck Klein, Director of the Campus Alliance, put it this way, “Owl City’s GOOD TIME Event is a classic opportunity to engage students from our schools and communities who may not be attending church or have a relevant view of what it means to follow Christ. Let’s seize this chance to impact students while the iron is hot!”

The GOOD TIME Event and accompanying videos are available for download at no charge for all church youth groups and parachurch ministries via interlinc’s site: http://interlinc-online.com/goodtime.

About interlinc
Based in Franklin, Tenn., interlinc has linked the resources of the music and media industries with the needs of youth ministry for the past 25 years. The interlinc mission is driven by the fact that music is one of the most powerful forces affecting youth culture and that today’s Christian music has the strength and capability to encourage, convict and change lives. For more information about interlinc see interlinc-online.com.

For more information about Owl City, please visit www.owlcitymusic.com.