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September 24, 2012 (Nashville, TN) - Rising singer, songwriter Jonathan McReynolds releases his debut album, LIFE MUSIC today, September 25th on Light Records/Tehillah Music Group.  McReynolds heralded as Gospel's breakthrough star presents a fresh and modern album that hits all the right notes.

McReynolds, an innovative musician, songwriter and remarkable talent, made a name for himself with the 2010 release of an underground EP entitled The Very Unofficial EP of Jonathan McReynolds.  He describes it as "a compilation of seven of my best dorm-room productions." That mix-tape gave way to the now revamped and updated full project entitled LIFE MUSIC.

McReynolds is the perfect blend of contemporary styling with messages of love, life, hope and honesty.  His perspective is refreshingly direct and the songs are poised, smooth and honest.  It is R&B and Gospel at its best -- love songs to a loving God. LIFE MUSIC is true ministry that reaches younger people where they are right now.  McReynolds who is only in his early 20's speaks a language that his generation can understand.

One of the songs coming out of McReynolds' dorm room and included on LIFE MUSIC is "No Gray."   Touching people across the country, the song and Jonathan's performances of it made its way around the web where it caught the attention of Bishop Paul Morton and Pastor Jerry Parries at Tehillah Music Group. The song speaks volumes about how McReynolds shares the gospel message.  With a cool vibe and relatable lyrics it talks about giving God your all.   

The current radio single, "I Love You," is equal parts likeable, catchy and uncomplicated. Reaching the top 20 on Billboard's Gospel singles chart, the song shows off McReynolds' brilliant vocals, revealing heart, strength, and maturity.

McReynolds is right where contemporary music is - the 12-tracks embody an open letter of emotions and lyrics of everyday experiences and struggles.  McReynolds shines with his messages of moving forward and gratefulness for God's love.  "Coming Out," offers inspired songwriting and vocals, while the really beautiful "Lovin' Me," with McReynolds on the piano, speaks to thankfulness to God.   And across the album, the production does not overpower his sumptuous vocals.

Gospelpundit.com says, "Jonathan McReynolds shines as he delivers his own blend of gospel music for everyday living. It's a great set of songs, marked by his keen musicianship and solid songwriting."  And Torrence Glenn from BET.com says "Jonathan McReynolds is undoubtedly one of the purest voices I've ever heard."

McReynolds humbly speaks for his generation "I'm doing it the way God gave it to me ... you'll find what me and my generation go through on a daily basis: insecurities, battles against the world, self-discovery and the ebbs and flows of living in Christ."

LIFE MUSIC in-stores & online everywhere today.