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Public Demand Pushes RUNAWAY SLAVE into New Markets

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Public Demands RUNAWAY SLAVEand Drives Expansion into New Markets.
Controversial Documentary Takes On Big Race Questions:
Are Government Entitlements Akin to Modern Slavery?
Has the Democratic Party Abandoned African Americans?
Would Black America Vote for a White Obama?
“The Size and the Scope and the Reach of Government,
is the New Plantation.” – Herman Cain.
“I didn’t go through what I went through so you could be black,
I went through what I went through so you could be free.” –
Charley Hanson, Grandfather of Rev. CL Bryant.
Atlanta, GA - Public demand has prompted theaters across the country to expand the release of the controversial documentary RUNAWAY SLAVE that exposes the economic slavery of the black community to progressive, big government policies.  
New markets include:
Now playing in Cincinnati and Albuquerque.
Opening October 5 - Birmingham, AL, The Villages, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis, IN and College Station TX.
Opening October 12 - Pittsburgh, PA, San Antonio TX, and Tyler TX
Opening October 19 - Denver, CO
Additional markets are being added daily.
Advocates for the film are showing their support in unusual ways, including hosting RUNAWAY SLAVE events, planning luncheons and advance screenings, and, in more than one market, proponents for the film are purchasing blocks of tickets to give to people who may not be able to afford a ticket, or need to hear the RUNAWAY SLAVE message.
RUNAWAY SLAVE is an insightful look at how government policies have systematically ‘re-enslaved’ the black population in the United States. Through entitlements and other government programs, a perpetual state of welfare exists, creating what can only be described as a form of modern slavery for a large percentage of the African-American community.
The documentary features Rev. C.L. Bryant, who proudly refers to himself as a “runaway slave.” This former NAACP chapter president left the organization after concluding its goals were more about political posturing than actual civil rights. Rev. Bryant says he escaped the bondage of progressivism and denounced the shackles of entitlements. He now has committed himself to helping others secure the blessings of liberty that are guaranteed by the Constitution.
Rev. Bryant takes viewers on an historic journey across America that traces the footsteps of runaway slaves who escaped to freedom along routes that became known as the Underground Railroad. But in the film, he also travels a “new underground railroad” upon which Black Conservatives are speaking out against big government policies which have established a “new plantation” where “overseers” like the NAACP and so-called “civil rights” leaders keep the Black community 95 percent beholden to one political party.
While Rev. Bryant’s compelling story helps launch the film, we soon discover he is not alone as he treks across the new Underground Railroad in America. RUNAWAY SLAVE features interviews with politicians, community leaders and everyday Americans; including Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece), economist and author Thomas Sowell, Congressman Allen West, presidential candidate Herman Cain, commentator and radio/tv host Glenn Beck, syndicated columnist Star Parker and the late conservative activist/editor, Andrew Breitbart.
RUNAWAY SLAVE’s heroes are black conservatives who are speaking out so that all Americans can truly be “free at last.”  These “conductors” desire to liberate all Americans from the Government Plantation that has left the black community dealing with this new form of slavery.
Citing well-documented statistics that demonstrate increasingly high rates of abortion, crime, unemployment and single parent households in the black community, the film features interviews and commentary with politicians, pundits, authors and everyday Americans.  Images from national events in Washington, D.C. provide a shocking look into the mindset of the liberal left as they seek to oppress black Americans in all aspects of daily life.
The documentary’s underlying theme asks the questions:
What does the black community have to show for its 95% support of the Democratic Party?
Would black America vote for a white Obama?
Is it truly “free at last?”
Rev.Bryant’s message?  It’s time to run. “Run away from economic slavery.  Run toward the blessings of liberty.  Let us remain strong in this fight.  Run away from socialism, run away from progressivism. And if you get tired, America…run harder!”
RUNAWAY SLAVE was created by Ground Floor Video in association with Freedom Works Foundation and Filmcrest Entertainment. Distribution is through Rocky Mountain Pictures
Official Film Site – www.runawayslavemovie.com
Trailer, photo and promotional materials available at EPK.TV