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Author, theologian, singer/songwriter Michael Milton Releases SILENT NO MORE

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silent no more

New Book Urges Believers, Especially Pastors,To Speak Out On Contemporary Issues

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 10, 2012) - Author, theologian, and singer/songwriter Dr. Michael Milton has released his latest book, Silent No More, a beckoning to Christians, especially pastors, to be "silent no more" and speak out on contemporary issues, such as same sex marriage, sanctity of life, pacifism, defense of free speech, Islamic threats, and the stealing of childhood as those issues relate to the Church and to the world as a whole. The book, which released in September, is being distributed through Tanglewood Publishing in the U.S. and Evangelical Press in the U.K.

"Michael Milton's book is an urgent, relevant and powerful wake-up call. Every pastor should read it and encourage his church members to do so," says Dr. John Blanchard, internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and award-winning author of Does God Believe in Atheists?.

Milton is concerned about anything — any earthly or diabolical power masquerading beneath other more familiar powers, political, cultural, or otherwise — that could hurt the souls of human beings, or threaten the Church. This is not a call for the Church to become a political action committee, but a call to pastors and people to return to the Biblical model of a shepherd guarding the sheep against any and all attacks which would hurt the flock. To speak, to write, to preach or to witness against the powers that oppose Christ and His Kingdom is a pastoral act of compassion that follows in the footsteps of the prophets, the apostles, the martyrs of the Church, the Reformers, and, as is shown so often in the Bible, Christ Himself.

"Pastors cannot remain silent," Milton says. "Their solemn duty is to be that Watchman whatever the cost."

A number of Milton's contemporaries have praised Silent No More.

"Mike Milton has sounded forth in clarion voice about the most important issue in preaching today — the prophetic pulpit," says Michael F. Ross, senior pastor, Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, N.C., and 40th Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). "Contemporary preachers have lost the power of 'Thus saith the Lord.' I encourage all men in the pulpit to read Silent No More by my dear friend and colleague Mike Milton. His insights, clear-headed thinking, pastoral heart and prophetic courage will both enlighten and encourage men to preach the full counsel of God. Great book!"

"It's hard to imagine Mike Milton bothering to put words on paper without being assured that those words are carefully researched, artfully written, and helpful to God's people," says Joel Belz, founder, World Magazine.

Milton, who currently serves as the chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary and is a chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserves, also is set to release his first Christmas CD, When Heaven Came Down, on October 23.

For more information about Milton, Silent No More and When Heaven Came Down, visit www.michaelmilton.org .


 About Michael Milton:
Milton, the Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, is an ordained Presbyterian pastor who earned his doctorate degree in theology from The University of Wales and holds multiple degrees from such respected institutions as Knox Theological Seminary, MidAmerica Nazarene University and the Defense Language Institute. He also currently serves as Professor of Pastoral Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and writes commentaries that appear in national newspapers and publications.
The multi-talented pastor and musician, who Christianitytoday.com has compared to Neil Young, Steven Curtis Chapman and Dan Fogelberg, received rave reviews when his Through the Open Door CD was released in 2011, with Christianitytoday.com calling the music, "…musically opulent and emotionally stirring."

Milton has released three CDs, 15 books and writes for numerous popular and scholarly periodicals. He is the host/speaker of Faith for Living TV (faithforlivingtv.com), a nationally broadcast Bible teaching program. He was appointed to the College of Military Preachers, serves as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve and is an instructor at the Armed Forces Chaplain School. But anyone who has listened to his music can attest that "stuffy" is not a word that is found in his vocabulary. Much like his friend and sometimes musical collaborator, legendary Christian singer/songwriter Michael Card ("El Shaddai"), Milton has an uncanny ability to unpack complex theological concepts into everyday language that makes them both memorable and accessible.

In addition to Silent No More, Milton's current book releases include Songs in the Night: How God Transforms Our Pain to Praise from P&R Publishing and the third edition of What God Starts, God Completes: Help and Hope for Hurting People by Christian Focus Publications.

For more information on Michael Milton, visit michaelmilton.org.