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Project Zero Releases Benefit Cd, Grafted Cd Track Listing @Theprojectzer0

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Project Zeros Grafted album is a compilation of songs performed by 14 different artists

Featuring Songs From Jason Truby, Phil Keaggy, Geoff Moore, Stu G, Tiffany Thornton And Many More, All Proceeds Will Go Back To The Organization To Fund Their Efforts In Raising Adoption Awareness

  Grafted includes a diverse array of musical styles, the track listing and artist line-up are as follows:

01 A Chance at Life                Jason Truby (Living Sacrifice, P.O.D.)

02 Bring Love To Me               Tiffany Thornton (Disney Chanel)

03 Love on the Outside           Willet (Maryland-based rock band)

04 Silently Going Under           Caitlin Evanson (violin player for Taylor Swift)

05 Eyes                                 Stu Gerrard (delirious)

06 Hello, God                         Cheri Keaggy (Dove award nominated artist)

07 Broken But Beautiful           Jessica Mack (local Arkansas artist)

08 Swept Away                      Geoff Moore (Geoff Moore & the Distance)

09 Because of You                  Steve Dean (five-time #1 songwriter)

10 Family Reunion                  Sean Michel (American Idol contestant)

11 Worth Living                      Sonny Sandavol (P.O.D.)

12 Everything I Ever Wanted   The Roys (award-winning bluegrass duo)

13 Hold on Me                       Hannah Watson (local Arkansas artist)

14 Life is Good                       Phil Keaggy (world-renown, award-winning guitar player)


For more information about Project Zero and the Grafted project, please visit www.theprojectzero.org.  www.facebook.com/TheProjectZero   www.twitter.com/TheProjectZer0