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Seeking to Save Lives, Author Supports Giving Away 5,000 Copies of Her Own Book

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SHeila luck
Christian author and pro-life speaker Sheila M. Luck has declined royalties and profit to quickly get her life-promoting message into the hands and hearts of woman facing unwanted pregnancy. As a result, 5,000 copies of her book "My Baby's Feet: Choice, Death and the Aftermath" will be given away at pregnancy centers throughout the nation. This project is made possible by Life Sentence Publishing and Elizabeth Ministry International, along with the author's own donations.

In "My Baby's Feet," Sheila shares her personal experience of an unplanned pregnancy at age seventeen, her abortion, and her life in the aftermath, an empathetic message for life for women wondering if abortion is the choice for them. Sheila was misinformed. She was told her body was merely building a 'nest' for her baby. After choosing abortion, Sheila had to come to grips with the pain of knowing that she chose to kill her live, heart-beating baby, a pain with which many women struggle for a lifetime. For readers that may have previously chosen abortion, Sheila's book offers a way to find hope and healing.

In Sheila Luck's words, "If you save the life of the baby, you also save the life of the mother, and I want to save lives. I want to change our culture to one that respects and protects the lives of our pre-born babies, babies that cannot influence our political leaders by their votes. Abortion is not healthcare."

Elizabeth Ministry International will distribute the 5,000 copies of Sheila Luck's book to pregnancy centers nationwide (charging only shipping and handling as applicable). They, in turn, ask the pregnancy centers to give the books to the women they serve, encouraging them to make a living choice for their pre-born babies.

Jeannie Hannemann, Founder of Elizabeth Ministry International, explains, "Elizabeth Ministry is based on the visitation story of Mary and Elizabeth in Luke's Gospel, in which the sanctity of life and power of the Holy Spirit is revealed in the common sharing between these two women. Our ministry follows their example, seeking to provide insight and support through people willing to share their personal experiences. Sheila's book fits our goals, and when we were presented with this opportunity, we were eager to participate."

Visit Sheila's website: www.connectingchoices.com/html/aboutsheila.html

Visit Elizabeth Ministries' website:www.elizabethministry.com