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Acclaimed Album From Integrity Music Features Tim Hughes, Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon

Worship Central Releases New Videos, Song Tutorials, More on YouTube

Worship Central’s third worship album and second live recording, Let It Be Known, released March 12 from Integrity Music and has firmly grasped the No. 1 sales position on the Official Christian & Gospel Albums Chart in the UK since it’s release.  Still at number one after three weeks and gathering wide critical acclaim, the album was recorded live in London by the faculty, training team and students at Worship Central, which is led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon, and is based out of London, England’s Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB).

Featuring worship leaders Hughes, Gordon, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth and Myles Dhillon, Let It Be Known was produced by Cantelon and written by the team at HTB, along with its extended family that includes Martin Smith, Matt Redman and others.  Capturing the heart cry of the church, the album features “Dry Bones,” the new anthem “Our Generation” and the title track and live video featuring Hughes that can be seen now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRdlSRYPThg.

Worship Central has also recently released the live worship video “The Same Power,” an acoustic version of the song and a tutorial of how to play the song on acoustic guitar, all led by Cantelon.  An acoustic version of “The Cross Stands,” a “Let It Be Known” video inspired by worshippers around the globe dancing to the title track and numerous other videos are available now on Worship Central’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/worshipcentral1.

With two North American events this spring featuring Hughes, Cantelon and the Worship Central team, one in Vancouver, BC, Canada at Tenth Church May 23 and the second in Edmonton, AB, Canada at Rexall Place for “YC Alberta” May 24-26, here is what the critics are saying about the new music people can expect to hear from Worship Central:

“Let It Be Known is a live worship recording that both captures the passion and the mission of Worship Central to provide the Church with excellent resources in worship…A must have for worship leaders. It is filled with rich music that covers sacrifice, invitations to renew, the sacrifice of the Lamb, the movement of the Spirit, and the worth of the Father, among so many other themes and prayers.” – Worship Leader Magazine

“The latest album from the team at Worship Central is one that you will definitely want to pick up….Let It Be Known is definitely a well-produced, arranged and written collection of songs for the church. You won’t be disappointed.” – All About Worship

“From the moment the album starts right through to the very finish you are left with a sense of what God was doing on those nights in London. The lyrics feel fresh and the music fuses together modern sounds, creating a fantastic worship album that will draw the listener to God from the moment they press play. A massive step forward, this will be counted as one of the best worship albums ever.” - Louder Than The Music, 5-Star review

“Let It Be Known fits a wide variety of genres and is a powerhouse of lyrics cleverly intertwined with relevant music from today. If you are looking for cookie-cutter worship, this isn’t it…it will be an album you’ll use to charge your spiritual batteries day in and day out…it is just that potent.” – WeLeadWorship.com

“…you would never go wrong with Worship Central so I suggest you buy the album the week it releases.” – ChritianMusicZine.com

Let It Be Known was recorded during a period of significant international growth for Worship Central. Part of that growth has been fueled by the online worship course (http://www.worshipcentral.org/course) that Worship Central has made available free of charge since last year. With 1,255 courses running in over 60 nations, more than 18,000 worshippers around the world have already participated. Through the Worship Central Course, there are now hubs in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa - each devoted to empowering, equipping and releasing others to strengthen their own church’s worship life.

About Worship Central:

Launched in 2006, Worship Central is a Christian school of worship from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), the church that also pioneered the Alpha Course.  The school is led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon and aims to encounter God, equip the worshipper and empower the local church.  The school has trained thousands of worship leaders, musicians and worshippers around the world.  For more information, go to www.worshipcentral.org.

About Integrity:

Integrity Music is a division of David C Cook, a nonprofit global resource provider serving the Church with life-transforming materials. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Integrity Music’s resources are distributed in more than 160 countries and sold worldwide. Additional information can be found at www.integritymusic.com.