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Based on thousands of true stories, film’s honest portrayal of overcoming life’s difficulties is unifying diverse audiences across the country
Tulsa boasts star-studded red carpet premiere
Rick Warren and Saddleback Church support film
Vivica A. Fox to appear on Fox & Friends, The Better Show and more in support of HOME RUN
Nashville, Tenn. (April 16, 2013) – Momentum continues to build as the April 19 nationwide release of David Boyd’s (The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights) feature film HOME RUN draws near.  Opening in some 400 theaters across the country, the Samuel Goldwyn Films release, in association with Provident Films, is inspiring a wide array of people with its honest portrayal of overcoming life’s difficulties. Major league baseball players, pastors and people of all faiths are rallying behind the film and its message, reminding everyone that with God, it’s never too late … freedom is possible.
“The movie Home Run is great for not only baseball fans, but anyone looking to be inspired” comments 5-time World Series Champion and New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte. “The story provides an important reminder that no matter how successful we are, we are all affected by the issues that come along. Only through Jesus we can find the peace and comfort to live this life.”
With MovieGuide’s Ted Baehr praising the film, calling it “an entertaining, well written movie with a powerful evangelistic message that should be seen by everyone,” support from Christian leaders continues to expand as well, with Saddleback Church Pastor and award – winning author Rick Warren tweeting last week, calling  “HOME RUN, a film of great HOPE.”  Saddleback Church, the birthplace of The Celebrate Recovery® program highlighted in HOME RUN, was founded by Pastor John Baker in 1991.  The church has also supported the film by showing the trailer at an event with over 2,000 pastors last weekend, online blogs and more.  Celebrate Recovery® is real-life addiction recovery program that is now found in churches all over the U.S. and the world with the goal of overcoming life's issues with a twelve-step program based on Christian principles.
Along with Pettitte and Warren, Max Lucado, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and several more major league baseball players are continuing to offer their applause for HOME RUN:
"HOME RUN is a great reminder that our problems in the flesh can be healed through Christ and His redeeming love."
–Tim Salmon, former MLB player, World Series winner, Los Angeles Angels
“We all know people like Cory Brand—successful, yet hurting deeply and perhaps we know them too well because we see them in the mirror everyday. HOME RUN is a gripping movie that reminds us with God’s help, we can break free of whatever is holding us back. This movie is a solid hit!”
–Jose Alvarez, former big-league pitcher
“Watching the film for me was stirring because I sat there and realized this is what was all around me during my career and it could have been my story, if I would not have met Christ. HOME RUN is not only a great movie, it’s a story of hope that people have to see."
–Dwight Evans, 3-time MLB All-Star
"HOME RUN is a great example of how our pride and the world's view can get in the way of God's plan. Great for kids, adults and everyone in between."
–Adam LaRoche, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger 1st Baseman, Washington Nationals
"I was amazed to see how HOME RUN paralleled my life and career in baseball, and the addictions and issues I have dealt with in my lifetime.  Only through the Grace of God and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior, I have been transformed and redeemed. Without question, I truly believe HOME RUN will help transform people's lives. Glory to God!"
–Barry Lyons, member of the 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets
“The movie Home Run depicts that even though most adult problems come from unresolved childhood issues, through a relationship with Jesus Christ we can break generational curses and establish a legacy of God's love and live a victorious life!”                                                      
 –Mariano Rivera, 12-time All-Star New York Yankees pitcher
On April 4, the film premiered in Tulsa, Okla. where the majority of the film was shot. Rolling out the red carpet with a slew of support was the film’s star-studded cast including Vivica A. Fox and lead actor Scott Elrod.  The highly publicized event boasted television, print and online media coverage from all across the state.
Additionally, an exclusive screening with the cast was held in Los Angeles on April 8, for three diverse local recovery centers, the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute (a Christian program helping teens with addiction), a half-way house for women who struggle with addiction, the national Celebrate Recovery® office and residents from Transcend Sober Living, a residential rehab center born out of the Jewish community.
“I enjoyed the movie very much, and thought it was an accurate portrayal of someone coming to terms and acceptance with their alcoholism,” remarked Phil Hamburger, Program Director, Transcend Sober Living.  “The depiction of the gradual acceptance that a religious/spiritual connection is needed for recovery is spot-on. This film really knocks it out of the park. “
Leading up to the film’s nationwide release, Vivica A. Fox will make several appearances in New York on April 18.  Included in her schedule are Fox & Friends, The Better Show, a SIRIUS XM radio tour, Fox News Radio and a one-on-one with WOR radio host Rita Cosby, among others.
Samuel Goldwyn Films in association with Provident Films have partnered in the marketing and distribution of HOME RUN. Past successes of the Goldwyn and Provident partnership include Fireproof, October Baby and Facing the Giants. A Hero Productions Film in association with Impact Productions, HOME RUN is directed by David Boyd, with a screenplay by Brian Brightly, Melanie Wistar, Eric Newman and Candace Lee. The film is executive produced by Carol Spann Mathews and Tom Newman. HOME RUN stars Scott Elrod, Vivica A. Fox, Dorian Brown and Charles Henry Wyson.
In addition to the theatrical release of the film, Home Run the novel released in March 2013 with David C Cook publishers. Travis Thrasher, celebrated novelist, was enlisted to adapt the screenplay into a deeply moving story for fiction readers.
About Samuel Goldwyn Films:
Samuel Goldwyn Films is a major, independently owned and operated motion picture company that develops, produces and distributes innovative feature films and documentaries. The company is dedicated to working with both world renowned and emerging writers/filmmakers and committed to filmed entertainment that offers original voices in uniquely told stories.  Currently in release is RENOIR, Gilles Bourdos' lush biopic on the famous Impressionist painter and Craig Juntunen's STUCK, a moving film on the international adoption crisis. Following the release of HOME RUN, upcoming releases will be Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell starrer STILL MINE, and the highly anticipated wine documentary SOMM, a never before seen look into the prestigious and exclusive Court of Master Sommeliers.
About Provident Films:
Provident Films, a division of Provident Music Group, develops, produces and markets faith-based films. Nashville-based Provident Music Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has served for more than three decades, worldwide, as a leader in Christian entertainment.
About David C Cook:
David C Cook is a leading nonprofit resource provider serving the global Church with life-transforming, Christ-centered materials. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with offices in Illinois, Canada and the United Kingdom, David C Cook’s resources are published in over 150 languages and distributed in more than 160 countries. Originally founded in 1875 as a curriculum publisher, today David C Cook publishes numerous bestselling fiction and non-fiction books from a variety of award-winning authors. It is also a leading provider of worship
music through its Integrity Music and Kingsway Music labels, which produced over one-third of the top 100 praise and worship songs sung around the world.