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Featured Dj - Dj Kirk

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Dj Kirk
As a touring DJ, Kirk loves to have fun, take chances and create an atmosphere that generates the ability for others to create memories, have fun and take chances.
DJ Kirk hails from beautiful Montana.


What got him started in the DJ biz you ask?

He saw Grits perform live down in Phoenix at a youth conference … Kirks ambition then was to start out with a couple turntables and some records.

How the heck does a farm boy convince his parents of letting him become a DJ?

Kirk simply stated that it’s a $300 hobby that will last a lifetime, yet knowing full well he was going to have to spend more than $300 to become where he is now.

DJ Kirk got his career started DJ-ing for small events, college parties, campus organizations, dances etc… His junior year of college he took the residency liquid assets by submitting a demo mix to their current manager Matty Lyons.

DJ Kirk has had the honor to DJ at various clubs, weddings, colleges, and high schools throughout his short time career as a DJ.  But as they say, words are words and actions prove the word of a scholar. DJ Kirk has evolved into something fresh and new by submitting mixes that has gotten him off touring around doing different school college’s, weddings, starting his residency and currently now touring with Halo Muzic. He also owns a spot on hot 97.5 in Bismarck as the weekly guest DJ.

Having an ear that is able to lay down the mixes that get people into the moment is a huge asset that DJ Kirk obtains; even the grandmas at wedding receptions are able to throw their hands up in the air as his mixes hit the speakers.


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