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Genesis Tha Protege- I Hate Religion EP | @ThatBoyGenesis

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genesis tha protege

Genesis Tha Protege- I Hate Religion EP



Jemel Hartsfield also known as Genesis Tha Protégé is an upcoming Christian Rap artist from Raleigh, NC. Genesis grew up in single parent home, where his mom worked hard, to give him a better life. Genesis was introduced To Christian Rap through his cousin who is also a Christian Artist as well named Eman Tha Profezzor. At The age of 12 Genesis began touring the southern part of the east coast with Eman. Throughout this time Genesis still hadn’t truly given his heart to God, but was dealing with the emotions of religion.


Growing up Genesis was face by many self-esteem issues, and by the time he entered High School, he was influenced by the environment around him. Genesis began to venture into drugs, alcohol, and other activities. Winter 2010 Genesis visited a church with a close friend called The Garner Prayer Furnace where he had his first true encounter with GOD, and knew that his life could no longer be the same. As he continued to attend The Garner Prayer Furnace and begin to grow in the presence and the word of GOD, Genesis released his first Mixtape in July 2011 entitled "DETOX"

Genesis emphasized that everybody no matter saved or not has to go through a cleansing, not only physically but spiritually. Jemel has a strong heart for the young people which leads him to hope and pray that his music is used to pierce their hearts to turn from there blind lifestyles. Genesis is currently just released a EP entitled "I Hate Religion.