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Karen Kingsbury reads ‘The Voice’ New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist steps into the story of Scripture

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Nashville, Tenn --- Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is sharing her voice of praise for The Voice Bible translation.  
“There is nothing more powerful than a story and no story more powerful than God’s,” says Kingsbury.  “The Bible gives us guidance, answers, and hope while sharing a narrative that transcends time.  No other Bible translation captures the wholeness of God’s story like ‘The Voice.’”

Kingsbury’s more than 50 award-winning titles inspired Today’s Christian Music Network to create the new radio program “Karen Kingsbury’s Family Fiction” and magazine which carries the same name.  Now connecting with listeners and readers alike, Kingsbury is using “The Voice Bible” to spread God’s Word.

When asked about her passion for Scripture and her love for    “ The Voice Bible” Kingsbury said, “’The Voice’ is the only translation that reads like a good book, letting readers truly step into the story of Scripture and experience all the beauty, grit, and humor that exists throughout the Bible.  Great stories don’t always have to be fiction!”

“The Voice” is a dynamic equivalent Bible translation designed to recapture the beauty, grit, humor, and passion of the original Scripture that has been lost over time.  Developed over seven years with more than 120 scholars, pastors, writers, and artists, “The Voice” allows readers to experience what has been lost from the Bible.  For more information and to experience the Bible through videos, free downloads, and more visit www.HearTheVoice.com.

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