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OneChristianNation.com Launches Today, Urging Christians to Unify and Speak Out

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TAMPA, Fla. - Today, One Christian Nation launched a national effort to unite more than 140 million Americans that profess a faith in God against the forces that seek to crush freedom and faith.

One Christian Nation represents the broad, faith-based interests of the silent majority. The effort kicked off today with a grass roots campaign utilizing social media.

“We’ve reached the time where doing nothing is no longer a viable option,” said founder Frank Chimento, a veteran in contemporary Christian music and publishing circles. “God is stirring in the souls of His people and we are called to take action, and rallying the Christian base is our calling. Just as Jonah eventually obeyed the Lord and spoke out to Nineveh, it is our turn to stop running from God and speak out. We intend to affect policy, and inspire Christians to remember the ideals upon which our country was founded!”

Chimento explains that the impact of removing God from every day life is very real, stretching well beyond our courtrooms and government and into our learning institutions, neighborhoods, churches and homes. “It’s impossible to separate the decline in our culture and our economy from the effects of the systematic and intentional suppression of our Christian heritage and Godly principles. In fact, our Founding Fathers expressly warned against this type of behavior and reckless application of the rule of law. The progressive movement toward a falsely distorted and perverted separation doctrine must be met with fierce opposition.”

By logging onto http://www.OneChristianNation.com, individuals and families can support the cause, speak out and join a new movement to restore God in America. Annual membership dues are $5 for individuals and $25 for families of five or more.

“The barrier to take action is extremely low. This isn’t about political persuasions or religious denominations. This is about embracing the historical fact that our great nation was founded on the Judeo-Christian principles of our Founding Fathers. That evidence is overwhelming as it is divinely woven into the fabric of our society. To think and act otherwise is just un-American,” said Chimento.

Members that join One Christian Nation will also receive Privileges – special discounts, offers and promotions from the nation’s leading products and services, in addition to their annual subscription membership.

“It’s no secret that we live in a ‘What’s-in-in-for-me’ society and Christians are certainly not immune. Although many will understand that it requires money and voters in order to shake our elected officials, it is rewarding to also be able to provide real, tangible privileges to our supporting members.

“God promises that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Therefore, we are choosing to believe that the faith of 140 million American Christians will be able to move Congress,” said Chimento.

About One Christian Nation

One Christian Nation is a non-partisan membership, research and advocacy organization raising awareness of America’s Christian heritage. It advocates for the faith-based interests of Christians by unifying and organizing their collective voting power to protect freedom, faith and Godly principles. The member-based organization addresses an unprecedented shift in the attacks on religious freedom and Christianity in America. Visit www.OneChristianNation.com for more information.

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