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Stephanie Newton Shares Her Home for the Holidays with Fans

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"Desperate Christian Housewife" Offers Free Download for Christmas

Atlanta, GA (December 22, 2009) - Creative Soul Records recording artist, singer/songwriter and "Desperate Christian Housewife" Stephanie Newton is sharing her home for the holidays with her fans, offering her latest song, "The Tie That Binds," as a free download throughout the holiday season. The song is available at stephanienewton.com.

Newton wrote the song as she multi-tasked her way through this past summer—fitting in humor and worship between carpools and concerts, working alongside her relatives to renovate their family's 100-year-old Paint Lick, Kentucky farmhouse and writing a new song for her family reunion, which drew over 200 relatives from all across the country.

"As I was looking forward to my family reunion this summer, I couldn't help thinking about my great-great grandparents who first settled the farm in Kentucky," Newton remembers. "Could they have imagined that their hard work and faithfulness would still be bearing fruit over 100 years later? What an inspiration to keep the ties of our family strong!"

Newton's current CD, Fairytale Life, explores the hectic life of a suburban mom in a light and humorous manner. Her honest songwriting and intimate vocal and keyboard style are reminiscent of Nichole Nordeman and Sara Groves, but with a twist. Songs like "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and the title cut employ a wry sense of humor to underscore spiritual truths, while sincere ballads and worship songs, such as "Moments of Grace," "Unchanging One" and "The Well of Redemption" create intimate moments of worship.

"One minute, I'm frantically making peanut butter sandwiches or changing diapers; the next minute, my girls run up to hug me, and I'm awed by how good God is," Newton relates. "And then there are the moments that are hard, the moments when just putting one foot in front of the other is a real struggle. I admit my faith can falter at those times, and I wonder if God is there. I wanted to write with honesty about all those moments, knowing that every one is infused with His grace."

In addition to being a wife, mother and 100-year-old farmhouse renovator, Newton is also an experienced worship leader and musician. She is currently the worship leader at Alpharetta First Methodist Church in suburban Atlanta.

"Stephanie's fresh perspective of a modern stay-at-home Christian woman, trying to keep a house and children in today's world, is a powerful ministry," comments Creative Soul Records president Eric Copeland, who produced Fairytale Life.

Newton's hope is that as she sings about her experiences as a "Desperate Christian Housewife," others might be encouraged in their faith. "It's something I call a sacred mystery—that the God of the universe would want to be intimately present in my life," she says. "I want to describe the joy of living in this crazy, turbulent and sometimes funny world."

Stephanie Newton's latest song, "The Tie That Binds," is available as a free download throughout the month of December at stephanienewton.com. Fairytale Life is available on Creative Soul Records. For more information on Stephanie Newton and Fairytale Life, visit stephanienewton.com.