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FREE Mixtape + Music Video + New Label = Awesome!

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FREE Mixtape + Music Video + New Label = Awesome!

What is Reflection Music Group?  Is Christlike Entertainment dead?
The face of Christlike Entertainment is changing.  As the Lord expands us, the challenge is to steward what we have been blessed with well.  The goal of CLE has always been to be a parent company to many other entities that have the same goal of redeeming all aspects of entertainment for the cause of Christ.  So without further ado, we are pleased to present you Reflection Music Group.  RMG hopes to be a reflection of the glory of the Lord in the music industry.

What's the difference between CLE and RMG?

CLE is an entertainment company, meaning that it is designed to blanket it's content throughout the entertainment industry (i.e. music, movies, video games, television, etc...)  RMG is a record label who's specific purpose is facilitate the music portion of the vision of CLE (i.e. records, production, publishing, sample kits, etc...)

To launch the new Reflection Music Group Website
We are offering you a FREE Mixtape
Officially Drops Jan 5th

Release Date: 2010
Format: Mixtape
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I don't know if you noticed but humanity is dieing slowly.  Many times we take the ostrich approach to viewing the world and stick our head in the ground.  PSA was desinged to remind us that we have a job to do.   That's job is much bigger than our methods and checking off the perverbial box (i.e. rap concerts, albums, vain schemes, etc...) but it's rooted in a genuine love for God and his people.   Minus that our efforts will continue to be fruitless.  PSA